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  1. The Wiper Room
    Anyone else fish for wipers in Iowa? Here is the best one I got from last summer.
  2. The Wiper Room
    New to the forum and world of wipers. I live in NE Indiana and have a 6.5 acre pond. Average depth is 12-14' and deepest area about 1/2 acre in size is 20-22'. Last fall I had 400 6-8" wipers stocked to help our out of balance LMB to BG population. This spring I found one dead wiper on the...
  3. The Wiper Room
    Is there anyone here that fishes for Wipers in or around the Rocky Mountain West area? I'm always interested to meet new Wiper Hunters and talk tactics. Feel free to give to me a shout.
  4. The Wiper Room
    I live out west , Northern Utah to be exact. I fish for Wipers quite often , and it seems every year the baits change some . So I'm going to ask what a lot of you are using this year for baits and or lures? Also have any of you ever used wiper flies , and where can I find some . Thanks for any...
  5. The Wiper Room
    Greenup Dam, Ohio River. Smashed topwater Zoom Superflukes and Bass Assasins today. The topwater bite is early this Spring and I love it. Nothing like a giant splash to get you going:eek:
  6. Kentucky
    I am new to this area (from KS originally) and am finally getting into fishing again. We left off fishing mostly wipers and stripers out there. I have located and caught some good bait size gizzards in the lake, evening seems to be the only time they were shallow enough to net. Where are the...
  7. Kayaking Stripers
    Okay, so I had never been in a kayak before I bought an Ascend FT12 from Bass Pro (Sit Inside). I did alot of research before I bought it. The reason I bought it was for the exercise first and fishing second (that might be a stretch). We do alot of wipe fishing below Truman Dam in Missouri in...
  8. Colorado Hybrid stripers
    NEE NOSHE RESERVOIR - Spotty. Some wipers have been caught on worm rigs.
  9. The Wiper Room
    I live in Maryland and want to catch some wipers from Loch Raven Reservoir. They are supposed to be in there, but I have no idea what they eat there, or how to find them. My plan this spring/summer is to try the bridge pilings where Loch Raven Rd passes over the reservoir. The water here...
  10. The Wiper Room
    Columbia, Ala. Water is up and the little guys are moving up from Lake Seminole.
  11. Ohio Stripers and Wipers
    Fished the Scioto River at Portsmouth , Ohio this morning and was well worth the cold. I caught 35 Whites and 7 Wipers on Zoom Flukes. The Wipers wanted the lure moving but the Whites were content with it just slowing drifting by. Even caught a Walleye. A good way to start my vacation. We hope...
  12. The Wiper Room
    Ok , so some guy at work says Wipers "kill" chicken livers . Is he full of it ? thanks
  13. The Wiper Room
    Hey everyone hope your winter went well. Every year I come up with a crazy tactic to try, hoping one day I will hit on something that works. This year I thought Id try cut anchovies and or herring drifting over the areas I know they will hang out. Anybody tried this, any luck. I know...
  14. The Wiper Room
    ok 2 retired guys looking for a place to fish wipers, stripers, rocks what ever you would like to name them fished the upper hudson by albany fished lake cumberland, now where we are in michigan but we do travel, open to time of year, so any where any place, oh we perfer warmer weather about 50...
  15. The Wiper Room
    Fall has began here in Iowa and water temps are currently 65° in our local reservoir. This past Saturday I made it out on the water with a friend (Big Fish Ron) who has continuously fished this lake for some years. We found the Wipers congregated at the drop offs along some flats. We trolled...
  16. Colorado Hybrid stripers
    Hello there I am looking for some advice you may or may not have experienced with wipers. I reside in Colorado where several lakes have been stocked for years and our wipers have become a healthy and attractive game fish to go after. One lake in particular I have been chasing wipers for the last...
  17. The Wiper Room
    MySpaceTV Videos: WIPERS FEEDING by Warren
  18. The Wiper Room
    MySpaceTV Videos: WIPERS by Warren
  19. Trolling for Stripers
    Umbrella Rigs 101 Of all the trolling rigs in my boat, there is one that my guests really flip out on and that is the umbrella rig used in my trolling spread. I really don?t think they have caught on here in my state of Indiana but I?m sure there are some die hard line draggers out there using...
  20. The Wiper Room
    can any body tell me at what water temp. should i be lookin for when the fall wipers go on the big feed? By the way im refering to river wipers(ohio&beaver river). thank you.
1-20 of 39 Results