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  1. Massachusetts
    First thread by a newbie... I will be fishing boston harbor soon and was wondering how the pogie snagging is! Should I buy some old stinky ones from the local shop just in case? Nothing like live-lining pogies for the big one! Also, any reports on Winthrop and Deer island areas would be...
  2. Massachusetts
    Zero, whether was nice though. Since I only use artificials now, the whole fishing experience has changed. Less drinking and more fishing!
  3. Massachusetts
    I never fished here but it's right down the street. Looks good. Anyone fish here? Advice?
  4. Massachusetts
    Hi, I'm new to the site, and new to Winthrop, MA. Does anyone know how the fishing is off the beach? I've also heard that the west side of Deer Island is good. I'd appreciate any tips. thx
  5. Massachusetts
    Does anyone know about fishing off Winthrop Beach area? I'm trying out the West side of Deer Island this weekend, but I'm a rookie so anything you guys can offer I'd appreciate. Thanks,
  6. Kayaking Stripers
    Launched from D.I. and trolled right away with the tube. I found schoolies with some keepers in the mix out to the beginning of the Bar. Worked this area for an hour. I worked both sides of the bar next and got nothing. Two hours after high tide was not busy today. It got better the lower the...
  7. Kayaking Stripers
    Launched at 1pm from the beach. Lately the outgoing tide has been more productive. Trolled the tube around and scored some schoolies around different areas. Saw bass crashing in around the rocks with silversides and possible smelt running for there lives. I casted the jumping minnow and scored...
  8. Kayaking Stripers
    I launched around 1pm to catch a bit of the incoming and work the outgoing. I paddled over to my favorite spot and was into small bass about 12" some even stealing worms on the tube. The water temp was 67 degrees. I thought for sure the blues were around. I went into deeper water around 15' and...
  9. Kayaking Stripers
    While others sleep around Winthrop, we were fishing. And was it worth it! We had plans to launch a mile from the Fauns and work our way over. We didn't have to go far as Area 51 continued to be the big bass area this year. No wind, moonlight, slight swell made this trip awesome. I am happy to...
  10. Massachusetts
    These fish were mixed in with the little runts to my surprise. Caught during the outgoing tide from 2pm-5pm. I have done well at night around here with eels bagging a few 30lbers and one nice 35lber. I used the Santini Tube in red with big Bobs Bait worms. These fish were weighed in at Bobs...
1-10 of 10 Results