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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hey Guys, I'm new to the site and fish the Western Sound from my Boat on the Westchester side. Looking forward to learning some new tricks from all of you. Good luck this year!
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello Everyone, I've always came to the site the past couple years to look for answers to the million of striper questions. So this year I decided to join and be able to share my bit of knowledge that I've picked up over the years. I always fished striper growing up on CT river. Recently, past...
  3. New York
    I normally fish the Hudson up near Kingston for Stripers but the run is over and I'm not ready to give up fishing. Being that I've never fished the sound before I'm looking for some guidance on a location to launch my boat. I have a 17' runabout that I know is a fair weather vessel and would...
  4. Striper Guides & Charters
    We are catching Blues and Bass out of New Rochelle, NY and also Manasquan, NJ so call to book your trips while we have some open dates left. We are fishing the Sound through mid-July and then moving the 32CC to Montauk.
  5. New York
    We are now sailing out of both NY and NJ! Join us on our 32CC Wellcraft out of New Rochelle, NY for Striped Bass as we'll be running through Mid-July then moving the boat to Snug Harbor in Montauk for Stripers, Tuna and all species in season! Minutes from the fishing ground with twin 250...
  6. Striper Guides & Charters
    Just a quick update as we are sailing out of New Rochelle, NY through Mid-July for Striped Bass, Blues and Fluke on our 32CC Wellcraft. We are then moving the boat to Snug Harbor in Montauk for Tuna, Stripers, Fluke and Sea Bass. We also have a 26 Regulator sailing out of Manasquan Inlet, NJ...
  7. New York
    We'll have our boat ready 4-6 passengers for an April launch out of New Rochelle, NY as we will be targeting Striped Bass on light tackle and on the Fly! Then we'll fish through July and through the Bunker & Bass run then we are moving the boat to Montauk for the remainder of the season to...
  8. Striper Guides & Charters
    Long Run Fishing Charters is sailing out of the Western Sound, NY and also running a boat minutes from the Manasquan inlet, NJ. Call or email for prime dates! Also, running single person Kayak fishing trips on New Hobie Mirage drive Outback and the Revolution 13. If you are looking to learn how...
  9. New Member Introductions
    Hey all. A newbie here and from out near Hagerstown, MD (rt 70 and Rt 81) Been Kayaking for a while in a Commander 120 and just bought a Prowler 15 to chase Stripers in the Chesapeake and Ocean once in a while. Amateur/newbie plug builder also. Scratched out these 6" needlefish surface...
  10. New York
    I fish the western sound out of mamaroneck and I was wondering if anyone knew of any streams or small back bays that are accessible by boat. I am looking for spots where I can hide from the wind and catch schoolies or porgies. I know porgy season ends tomorrow but I am planning for next year...
  11. New York
    looks like a lot of guys gave up already, on the bass... i went out 6.30 jigging and coverd a lot of water and ground --from drop-offs to open 45' of water working a buck tail and pork& a avajig......not 1 fish not even a blue----any 1 triing?----------confused.gif
  12. New York
    ANGLER Fleet cosistently targets and catches trophy Striped Bass during the spring run in the western Long Island Sound. We provide the freshest bait available and fish the most productive spots where these big fish move through. When you want to catch a bass of a lifetime choose ANGLER Fleet.
  13. New York
    I have a few prime dates in May and June for exciting Western Sound Striped Bass Fishing. Departing out of New Rochelle, NY, I can accommodate 1-4 anglers for morning, afternoon, after work businessman specials and evening trips. We fish with Bait, Lures and on the Fly! Multi-trip discounts are...
  14. Albemarle Sound
    Effects of Age-1 Striped Bass Predation on Juvenile Fish in Western Albemarle Sound Author(s) TUOMIKOSKI Jack E. ; RUDERSHAUSEN Paul J. ; BUCKEL Jeffrey A. ; HIGHTOWER Joseph E. ; Abstract -Historically, the fisheries for adult river herring (i.e., alewife Alosa pseudoharengus and blueback...
  15. Albemarle Sound
    Prey selectivity and diet of striped bass in western albemarle sound, North Carolina Author(s) RUDERSHAUSEN Paul J. ; TUOMIKOSKI Jack E. ; BUCKEL Jeffrey A. ; HIGHTOWER Joseph E. ; Abstract We collected 1,399 striped bass Morone saxatilis from western Albemarle Sound, North Carolina...
  16. North Carolina - Interior
    im going to be in canton nc april 2-10th and want to do some fishing down there. i will be limited to only one fly rod and one spinning reel. what kind of fly's and lures work for the trout down there. also what are some good rivers/lakes in the area for trout
  17. Connecticut
    Solid Togging remains and Stripers and Blues were solid last night on a variety of bait and artificials. Should only get better with each passing day!
  18. New York
    The fall run is full swing! Recent trips with 70+ fish on the Fly, Jig and Troll. Taug are still fantastic and I have dates in November and December! Thanksgiving Week or call for details
  19. New York
    Stripers are here! We cover a lot of water but have had some nice days with plenty of fish on the fly, plug, and on jigs. It is getting better by the day as we have marked a lot of bait and fish are moving into our waters. Come out and experience a great fishery! Oh, Tog is on fire too!.. Tight...
  20. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    After a week of coming up completely empty off the Western South Shore (Long Beach, Atlantic Beach) i have finally popped my surfcasting cherry when i caught a small striper this morning off the Atlantic Beach (Rockaway Inlet) Jetty. I was fishing into the beach side of the jetty when i caught a...
1-20 of 45 Results