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  1. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    Hello all! Stumbled across your forums while searching for some striper info thought I'd look for some help here! We're both from the Adirondack park region of NY. Not that downstate city crap. Rivers are low and too warm for our typical trout fishing endeavors so we figured we would try...
  2. Maine
    Hi Guys, New to the Maine forum as I usually do my fishing in Massachusetts. I will be spending some weekends in Wells over the summer and I am new to these waters. I will have by boat in the area come July 1, but until then plan to fish the surf. Any good spots you guys can reccommend? I...
  3. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    I have two aireated baitwells on my boat with curved corners. Are teses suitable for shad? I don't want to buy a bait tank if they will work.
  4. Maine
    I am heading to the coast Tuesday to fish in the ocean this is a first for me to surf cast. Will be using some live bait and some lures I am just hoping to catch somthing
  5. The Striper Forum
    I'm here in southern Maine until Sunday. Been out three times and skunked on each trip. Fished in Wells Harbor - one day on west side and another day on east side. Only saw a couple terns hit the water for a few dives. Hit the mouth of Ogunquit Wed. morning and came up empty. Haven't seen...
  6. Maine
    Hi. Heading up to Moody beach the first week in August with a 20'CC ... any advice for where to find macs (if they are still around) and stripers in that area? Want to take my 10-year old out and catch him his first stiper!! Thx.
  7. Maine
    Heading up to York on Saturday. How is the fishing? Suppoesed to be going on Charter Tuesday. They said that we will experience a "dead tide" for the entire week. I guess that is an extreme low tide all week. Any body ever heard of that? Hiow about the Drake??? anybody fishing that wiuth any luck?
  8. Maine
    In about a month my family and I will be spending a week in Wells. Every summer I see guys fishing for stripers (usually surf fishing at night), and every summer I promise myself that I'm going to try it sometime. This year I really do want to do it. But all my fishing experience is in...
  9. Maine
    Ben in York since Saturday. Fished all over, different tides and bait. NUTTIN!!!!! Any body else having any luck?????/
  10. Maine
    I am going to Wells on Saturday for a week of fishing. Last year I was in York and fished the NUB. Does anyone knnow of any good spots. Also, does anyone have any reports from that area? Thanks,
  11. Massachusetts
    Headed up there this weekend. Sept 1st-3rd. Stripers, Blues, pollack?
  12. The Sports Bar
    Cardinals' Wells takes loss to Mets Visit for more analysis on this update. More...
  13. Massachusetts
    I'm heading to Wells Beach next week and was looking for any info on what to use and any fishiing reports. Thanks!
  14. Massachusetts
    I will hopefully be surfcasting by 4 am this Friday somewhere in or near Wells, not sure, someone else knows the way. Anyway, I was wondering if the waters around there are braid friendly? Also if there are any lures (colors, styles and sizes) that have been productive and you feel like...
  15. Surfcasting Central
    im going to stay at ocean view campground from thursday-mon and was wondering if anyone knew of any good places to go surf fishing around that area. does anyone know of any bait shops their too? also what have they been biting on up their? and anything else you think might be helpful thanks
1-15 of 16 Results