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  1. The Striper Forum
    Looking ahead at the weather for next two to three weeks doesn’t show any sign of warming up
  2. Marine Resources
    I'm not sure if this is allowed here (This is my first day in the forum). However, I noticed there used to be a lot of chatter here regarding helpful resources for data such as tides and buoys. I have a free app in the iOS app store called Easy Tides that displays current and future tidal...
  3. Hudson River
    I follow a weather guy on FB, so far he's done better predicting the weather then any of the news channels. As far as an early run, Stella canceled that out. Now we might be looking at a tuff start. Fish will here be about the same time as always. The question now is - what are the water temps...
  4. Hudson River
    I do. Water temp is still only 55. I like to stretch it out.
  5. Hudson River
    Not liking the rain to our west... heavy downpours - all that gonna come down the Mohawk river to the Hudson... if it tracks more east - capital district - Saratoga - and some points north it could really mess up the lower Hudson.(below Troy Dam) Crossing fingers!
  6. Hudson River
    I've been trying to research weather patterns and its effect on striper fishing. In your experiences does weather seem to play a role on how good the striper fishing is? I notice whenever it is real windy people avoid striper fishing. I never seem to catch anything in heavy winds, not sure if...
  7. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Just looking out the window at my boat and thinking I am starting to love this kind of weather.:GreenBeret::GreenBeret:
  8. Hudson River
    up up down down left right left right select start.... Is that the cheat code for warmer weather!!!! Weekend is looking good at least.
  9. Massachusetts
    Looks like it will be pretty steamy all this week. Not sure how much that translates into warmer water temperatures, but you'd think it would have some effect. Any thoughts on tactics for warmer weather? Look for them out deeper, or are they not impacted that much? Hopefully they don't start...
  10. Cape Cod Canal
    NOOB here looking to gain knowledge from others experience. How do you all think the weekend weather will effect the fishing? I was planning a Sunday first light run on the east end and was interested to see what others were planning. I believe this is going to be essentially a nor'easter...
  11. Massachusetts
    what are your thoughts on the forecast for tomorrow? leaving out of the Merrimack in the am. im not the best at reading forecasts, too me it looks like an ok day but has me spooked calling for 2' at 3 seconds.
  12. Hudson River
    Well action picked up here tuesday with the nice weather caught my 1st striper and alwifeherring same day we caught bout 8 far up as troy herring that is but wit the last few day with all this rain and cold weather things seem to die down quick. The creek and river were im at is milkshake seen...
  13. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    In connecticut the weather is just warming up and there is still snow. Could this impact when the striper run is?
  14. The Striper Forum
    In New England winter has just barely ended where I am in Connecticut, there is still snow. Will this affect the stripers coming back, and will the fishing season be delayed?
  15. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    I'am not happy with the way the weather has changed in the last few days.Blowing snow and wind most of the day. Just want the striper season to get here.:GreenBeret::GreenBeret::GreenBeret:
  16. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    :icon_cry: Its so nice all week then looks like a washout scheduled for this weekend. Hoping the rain holds off til at least noon tomorrow so I can get some quality fishing in. Planning on launching out of Schodack and fishing maybe just south of Albany
  17. Hudson River
    Im guessing this cool stretch will be good so water wont warm up as much. Having 70+ degrees with no snow run off heated the water quick. Im not fishing monday or tuesday being it will be chilly with hard Northwest winds. In Cornwall area, NW winds are brutal being its right in ur face, and...
  18. Hudson River
    The upper Hudson is at historic levels of water... Here are some links to read before you think about going out for Stripers. Upper Hudson and tribs : Mohawk river: Part of the Mohawk river is closed...
  19. Hudson River
    water temp was in the mid 48 degrees and now its down to 43. and the fish shut off no herring in 3 days and no stripers. we need some nice weather with no rain for atleast 3 to 4 days to get the temp back upbrick.gif
  20. Hudson River
    Weather for Kingston is going to be 10 inches of snow...what do you predict for the striped bass in this long before they get here? :sleepy1:
1-20 of 72 Results