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  1. Sweetwater Fishing -Freshwater Stripers
    Anyone catching any stripers on Lake Wateree?
  2. The Striper Forum
    Lake Wateree is not known for stripers, but we caught (16) on 12-22-11. They ranged in size from 5 lbs to 10 lbs. We were using large shiners; pulling planer boards and down lines. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!
  3. South Carolina - Interior
    Lake Wateree Lake Wateree was created in 1920 with the operation of Wateree Hydroelectric Station. The Wateree Dam is 3,380 feet long. Lake Wateree has 13,864 surface acres and 242 miles of shoreline and is the largest of the lower lakes. The lake also provides a dependable water supply for...
  4. South Carolina - Interior
    Took some kids fishin.Here is Kaid on his birthday trip.This was his second time ever out on a boat,,he did fine.Kaid is a church members grandson.He wanted to go fishing for his birthday,so afishin he went(he had the regular 9 year old party after the fishing trip.I dont know how much fun he...
  5. South Carolina - Interior
    Wateree report: Good catches Striper 3-6 pounds down lake live shad fished 18-22 near the river channel at night. REAL hot during the day,:gob_icon_cheers::4996:
  6. South Carolina - Interior
    I fished Lake Wateree Saturday and caught some decent blues, but no monsters. :yay: The bigger fish are starting to bite better. :funky: Hopefully things will continue to pick up, and it looks like it has on the lower lake. :cook: All of our BIG fish have come from the lower lake. :banana:
  7. South Carolina - Interior
    Fish every day,,man no! SOme folks arent as lucky as others. I need to get hooked up with a gal that lives close to the lake,its a long way from Pageland.I am lucky to average once a month seems like.This year,Ive fished wateree once,the catawaba river 3 times,santee once and the roanoke river...
  8. South Carolina - Interior
    I fished with a friend on Wateree Tuesday and got on some stripers. Ended up with a total of 17 ranging from 4-9 pounds. All were released except three for the oven. Not a bad six hours of fishing.
  9. South Carolina - Interior
    deleted :thumbs2:
  10. South Carolina - Interior
    Today was not a great fish day by the chart but the times that said they were good were great. Went down to the dam and fished with a couple dudes from NC.They are the BEST striper Fishing fools I have ever seen. We caught and released so many I cant count them.I kept one about 8lbs or so and...
  11. South Carolina - Interior
    Aprils fools day~! But we will get the world record Blue catfish soon~! I smell big fish
  12. South Carolina - Interior
    Planning to go to Wateree, wondering hows the fishing there as of right now??
  13. South Carolina - Interior
    Anybody out there have any experience on the Congaree & Wateree rivers in SC?? Fellow Sandlapper planning on outings this spring, especially curious about 601 bridge area and the confluence of the Congaree & Wateree... took a 2 night trip up the Wateree , north from Sumter Hwy Ramp 3 weeks ago...
  14. South Carolina - Interior
    LAKE WATEREE: Largemouth on deep-running crankbaits. Stripers on bucktails, live bait.
1-14 of 14 Results