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  1. Hudson River
    been fishing the river since feb since we had no ice that run of alwifes had me excited but now its the sit and wait game cant take it no more going threw striper withdraws...Are there any local guys catching herring around the alb troy area or anywere on the river?
  2. Hudson River
    Going out this weekend my daughter and my self and a buddy of mine. gonna try bloodworm if we can find them. if not gulp it is . last year our first came March 9 wasnt big but it was a striper. let you know how i make out:yay:
  3. Hudson River
    i got a flight bak to NY tommorow morning, i cant wait to do some more striper fishing, even took off saturday to fish all day (told my boss i come back saturday nite, lol)....but tonite im goin shark fishing from cape canaveral, hoepfully catch something to post here
  4. Hudson River
    still alot of ice on the hudson. but both my girls and i are READY for another fun year.:smiliegrd:
  5. Kayaking Stripers
    I went to Bass Pro to find a GPS/fishfinder and what a guy tole me was that it was unnecessary to get a GPS since I will never be going that far out on a kayak. He showed me a fishfinder for 199 and said that it was what everyone buys. Question: Does he have a point? How far off shore will I...
  6. The Striper Forum
    I dont think i am alone in saying i miss the fish..... Here in ny i have to wait till mid april for the bass to retun........... I cant get my mind off that sensation you feel when a nice stripper hits that top lure.... I fish the little neck bay area.... does anyone know good early season...
  7. The Striper Forum
    for all these dinks that are around to grow up. This is another one of those years. The big bass are around, but ya gotta be in it to win it. thumbsup.gif
  8. Massachusetts
    I spent the last 2 nights in my kayak in and around the Westport River. Mostly just scouting and storing potential spots in my GPS to revisit later. Did toss some lures occasionally, but did not mark a single fish on the sonar all weekend and saw very little baitfish activity. Water temps...
  9. Massachusetts
    Well it was a nice day yesterday 3/31 so I packed the kids and my gear in the car. I had just replaced the line on my rod and stocked up the tacklebox. To my surprise, Tim's bait on Beach Road in Salisbury and the bait shop on Plum Island were both open. Did some casting from the Salisbury State...
  10. Massachusetts
    When is it realistic for me to start striper fishing again? It's March 5th and I can't friggin wait anymore. Also, is it to late for any cod fishing from shore.....the water is still very cold. I'm from Weymouth and do most of my fishing in Hull from the shore (in case that helps anonye...
  11. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    Hi, With the fishing season almost over in MA, I was wondering if the prices of the rods would drop a bit or if I should wait until the new season starts. After a lot of reading, I have narrowed down my new rod to be used with my Mitchell 906 to these: * Okuma Solaris SSS1202MHI *...
  12. Cape Cod Canal
  13. The Striper Forum
    Well, my wife and I are slated to open the FI house April 15th but I just can't wait anymore. Cold water or not I am going to hit the Village piers tomorrow and see if I can't at least land a schoolie or larger. Defrosting the clams as we speak. I will be sure to report back tomorrow. Gonna hit...
1-13 of 13 Results