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  1. Saltwater Species
    Hi guys, I am planning on going out to MV in search of Albies this weekend or next. Does anyone here have any info to share on this subject? I have never been to the island,nor have I ever targeted Albies. I checked out the island on google earth and their seems to be jetties on each side of...
  2. The Striper Forum
    Hi all, I am dying here in southern mass trying to locate the stripers. My season has started and I have very little to show for it. Its been a very tough season so far. Gay Head is dead and cuttyhunk is only producing schoolies. Anyone know where the fish are over here? thanks in...
  3. Massachusetts
    Hoping someone will throw me a bone. Been fishing in the sound with my dad (out of waquoit bay) for 30 plus years with little success catching decent size bass. Tried all the locations within 5 mi(horeshoe, middleground, lahomidue, succonesset) with nothing over 15 plus lbs and few of them...
  4. Massachusetts
    I will be heading to the Vineyard this weekend and would like to ask for any advice about fishing there. Wanted to know what type of bait is prevalent as well as good areas to start. Thank is advance
  5. Massachusetts
    Greetings. I have made the leap last summer and started boat fishing the vineyard sound for Striper. Mostly middle ground to nashon to woods hole. Any recommendations on what lures / live bait / strategies I should be trying? I mostly fish during the daytime. How should I troll? What...
  6. Massachusetts
    How is the fishing in Vineyard sound? I'm heading out on my friends boat this weekend and any tips regarding bait, general locations, (i know specific locations are deep secrets) tackle? Anything will help! Thanks
  7. Massachusetts
    Hi all, went out for my first trip of the year. Headed to Middle Ground, great shoal area of the Vineyrard, tons of boats but not many hookups. Trolled for a bit and hit some schoolie blues. It was fun, had some guys from work so at least we got something but I wanted stripers. I was using...
  8. Massachusetts
    I'll be heading to the vineyard in about a week may 29th for a few days with a couple of friends. Should get some 30 + pounds like last year i hope, i'll post some pics of the trip when i get back!
  9. Massachusetts
    Nov 5th & 6th Vineyard Sound Ran through my usual spots but most were full of Seals. I leave when I see them. On Thursday last I had Stripers chasing my plugs and then it stopped rather abruptly. I looked over and saw 2 big seals. I swear they follow me. With little fuel to spare, I decided...
  10. Massachusetts
    Yesterday afternoon, 3 Blues and a Striper. This morning, Bonito about 6.4lbs. My 8yr old wants it for lunch.... No surface activity at all in either case.
  11. Massachusetts
    Going to the vineyard june 15/16 gonna try to catch some cows, hows the reports? I'll post pics when i get back
  12. The Striper Forum
    I have been using live herring off the islands and woods hole for years and now the ban on herring use has thrown my fishing sched out the window. Any thoughts on using scup or any other bait for early season fishing off the cape. Is it to early in the season for wire jigging? I plan on a week...
  13. Stripers on the Fly
    Any have any good locations for summer striper hunting in MV? I went last Aug which is a poor time for it, mostly tuna and blues.
  14. Massachusetts
    Pulled the boat on Saturday. Today I was working down by the beach overlooking Vineyard Sound, awesome day, and what did I see 1/4 mile out? Yup, fishees. Oh well.
  15. Massachusetts
    I am heading over to the vineyard in early August (the 2nd and 3rd weeks) and wanted to get some thoughts on the best striper fishing spots to try. I have caught a lot of stripers in the Boston area this year so far but no really big stripers to date. Would appreciate any strategies to hook up...
  16. Massachusetts
    Coming north in june to fish vineyard sound. Have talked with a few of you guys and have gotten some locations as far as bait I know you guys fish alot with tube and worm what els do you use? Here in New Jersey its clam ala carte. would appreciate aany info Thanks Jbird
  17. The Striper Forum
    Results of 59th Annual Martha's Vineyard Derby Grand Leaders Boat bluefish: William W. Farnham, 15.17. Shore bluefish: Daniel J. Benedetto, 15.40. Boat bass: William F. Lehman, 47.62. Shore bass: Keith A. McArt, 42.46. Boat bonito: Tom Langman, 10.13. Shore bonito: Betsy J. Miraglia, 8.75...
1-17 of 17 Results