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  1. Massachusetts
    Specifically in the Merrimack? I can't catch these things any way so I'm not sure if my not catching them is indicative of them not being there any more or just continued suckitude on my part? It's SO much easier for me to get to the river than the shore on a CONSISTANT basis so if any of you...
  2. Massachusetts
    kenny has been producing some decent fish.. fussy mind you, but nice ones.. they won't hit well without a flouro leader. First season I've ever seen them this fussy and sporadic.. Numbers are way down and that could be most of the reason (lack of competition for food) juvie alewife run is also...
  3. Massachusetts
    Can anyone tell me what the criteria is for how far up rivers you can go in Mass. before you need a permit? I there are some spots I'd like to try out on the rivers in Fall River and Swansea, but I'm not sure if I can do that without a permit. I was originally under the impression that the No...
1-3 of 3 Results