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  1. Connecticut
    This graph will update on its own as time passes!
  2. Connecticut
    welcome.gif I went to 6 mile at incoming tide on Saturday. Very rough conditions. I drifted eels and did tube and warm. I saw few other boats. There were two more boats in 6 mile at my dock. We all came back around the same time; they did not have muck luck too. Both did wire line only, one of...
  3. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Still not seeing them @ the Henry Hudson, and i know Hung hasn't been seeing them. All we have heard was the Catskill & Postenkill Creeks so far. Finally saw a few boats out on the main river @ lunch, wonder if jigging is an option right now. ANYBODY ?????
  4. Massachusetts
    anything happening in / around the merrimack river? thinking mid week with the walm weather... river is temp is 50
  5. Saltwater Species
    Can you believe this!!! I listened to the weather man again today and the predicted winds of 25 to 35 knotts this evening never came and I missed another great day on the water. But, with this ocean you have to respect the weather and with the predicted forecast it wasn't worth the gamble that...
  6. Site Help and Suggestions
    New gallery has been added and is live. The link is in the Navigation Bar up top You can now upload your pictures to it. anyone who wants their own personal gallery. I will customize one for them and they can link it in their profile. the custom...
  7. Hudson River
    I have heard of schoolies-size Stripers being caught in Piermont and even up by Newburgh-Anyone heard anything else about the Hudson Striper situation? I'll try myself soon, but it doesn't hurt to get learn from and get fired-up by someone else's report! BRING ON THE COWS OF SPRING! Aaaooogah!
  8. New Jersey
    Those fishing the first week of the six-week Long Beach Island Fishing Tournament were met by heavy waves, dirty water and lots of debris. As a result, the 770 fishermen entered so far managed only 14 striped bass and 18 bluefish. During the week, three days did not see a single fish inked in...
  9. Site Help and Suggestions
    Hi everyone. I will be installing new security mods to the message board tonight. If you experience any errors while browsing the board, posting, replying, or sending PM's, etc., please bear with us as we work to complete these necessary security updates. These updates will help protect us from...
  10. New Jersey
    Well another wet day here in NJ any body catching aanything along the Jersey coast?? Can't wait for some descent weather, enough is enough already!!!
  11. New Jersey
    Capt. Brian Pieros of Whitehouse Station boated a 44-pound striped bass on his Daylighter from Staten Island early Saturday morning to easily win the weekend Monmouth Beach Cartoppers Association Striped Bass Tournament over 18 other boaters. That contest was for total weight of the two largest...
  12. California - Lakes, Rivers, Bay and Delta
1-12 of 16 Results