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  1. Hudson River
    Is the Troy boat launch hard to get to and is it safe to park.
  2. Hudson River
    A bunch of barges parked there won't help with the fishing.
  3. Hudson River
    Just wondering what seems to be working the best so far for those that are doing well. Live or chunk, drift or anchored? I really haven’t seen many caught although I’m sure they’re around.
  4. Hudson River
    Just FYI for Anyone who launches there boat by the troy dam, I was just down there and it doesn’t look like the new boat ramp will be ready any time soon.
  5. Hudson River
    Anybody used it this year? I know they were working on it or at least had cones up.
  6. Hudson River
    seen a few boats going down the ramp behind Bella Napoli this afternoon!!! Everyone getting ITCHY!!! laughing7.gif
  7. Hudson River
    Heads up to anybody who launches there boat behind Bella Napoli bakery somebody smashed out my window yesterday while i was on my boat and took whatever fishing gear I left in my jeep. Odds are they won't be caught but watch your vehicles. I hate DIRTBAGS!!!!!!!
  8. Hudson River
    Any chance it is clearing up?? As much as i have said i am done if the water clears up i may just have to give it one more go. I remember a June 1 trip a few years ago when i released my second fish at 5:17 AM!
  9. Hudson River
    Well it looks like the end is near for the Albany/Troy run this year. Very few boats still out trying. This has been the worse year I have ever experienced in my short striper career. Unfortunately with a new job I couldn't get out nearly as much as I would have liked, but the times I did go out...
  10. Hudson River
    Do buctails produce big fish? What other lures and anyone ever your herring at the dam if so how many ounces to hold bottom
  11. Hudson River
    I know it is an UNBELIEVABLY long shot, but did anyone happen to pick up a black tool box from the Troy launch area on Sunday? It contained my gear...I am hoping that I am simply an idiot and left it while loading my car, and that it didn't get "borrowed" while I was helping the guy's whose boat...
  12. Hudson River
    Fishing at the dam today I saw the DEC inflatable go by portside towards the lock with 4 uniformed in it. I was otherwise engaged, but when I got done I noticed that the 3 or so boats that had been fishing right at the base of the dam were now pulled up on shore right below the lock. The DEC...
  13. Hudson River
    So this weekend there is a food truck festivel in Troy on the waterfront park. My wife and my mother in law are excited to go to it. Mean while My father in law and I are more excited about being out fishing. I used to tie up to the docks in Troy for a few beers at Browns when I went out with...
  14. Hudson River
    So what were the results of the Troy Tourney this weekend? How did everyone do? I fished from Albany to troy in the boat Saturday and Sunday without much luck. Didn't fish above the Poestenkill because of the boat traffic and spent most of my time from the Corning Preserve down. Ran 4 rods...
  15. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Anybody have water conditions in Troy/Albany area? Was looking forward to this weekend until last nights storms. Anybody going try it tomorrow or is it a big waste of time?
  16. Hudson River
    Went up to the dam today, 4/5, noon til 3. Three big channels on worms, one looked about 24". No evidence of herring or bass. Sunny and windy. Cold even with the sun. Had my ice fishing clothes on. Hide tide, checked the Posty up to the first bridge, no activity. Speaking of border...
  17. Hudson River
    Fish Passage Improvements on the Hudson River Coming Soon By Sean McDermott, Northeast Regional Office Habitat Conservation Division Fisheries have long been an important resource on the Hudson River. Absent any manmade obstructions, migrating fish were historically able to ascend up to Glen...
  18. Hudson River
    Anybody having any luck at te federal dam? Thinking of going north tonight of its worth it. Thanks
1-20 of 58 Results