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  1. Delaware River
    Taking my pop 71 years old...never caught a striper or have i....but im thinking about going down to the trenton area and fishing...anyone hearing and reports out of the area..we've talked to locals and they were nice to point us to a few spots.....Uglystik:flyfish:
  2. Delaware River
    I'm new to this site. any body know what's happening in the Delaware river this time of year? I've fished the canal for 20 years and just started fishing the river this year. I've had some luck with smallies, walleye & catfish but nothing in the past few weeks.
  3. Delaware River
    i went to newburgh for stripers a couple of times last year and im really interested in the delaware run. i welcome any info to help me get started :thu:
  4. Delaware River
    It feels like it is a late year for herring? I caught a few the other day but I had to work for them. I did go one for one with bass on the herring. I hope that they open there mouths and start biting or come up what ever has to happen hopefully this warm weather makes it happen
  5. The Striper Forum
    Goin there friday (tomarrow) good herring bite there today and bass caught today <Edit~too specific, aka spotburn ~ Sudsy> No luck on using blood worms and eels during the day but at nite they seem to work better along with top water big plugs lined herring, lasted maybe a min in the...
  6. Delaware River
    need to know statis of the trenton falls area
  7. Delaware River
    New Jersey has now made the Trenton boat launch a pay ramp. The ramp will not open until April 1 until November 30. Opened from 6 am to 2 am. Cost for Trenton Residents is $5.00 daily $25.00 annual. Cost for other New Jersey residents is $10.00 daily $50.00 annual. And for us out of state...
  8. Delaware River
    This is for next season, our boat is too big to trailer, but I want to fish the Trenton area when the big bite is on. I caught the Angler TV show fishing under the bridge in the spring and I have got to try it. Are there any boat rental businesses on the Delaware River around Trenton? :BenNudd:
  9. Delaware River
    Went out Sunday and caught all the herring I wanted, but after the last few days of really hot weather and the water temp climbing almost 10 degrees there are virtually no herring left in the trenton area by the marina or the bridge. Loads and loads of white perch. I even managed to catch some...
  10. Delaware River
    Will be in Trenton in early May. Would greatly appreciate any tips or information on Striper fishing in the area. My preference is flyfishing and wading the Delaware.
  11. Delaware River
    hey all im new to the board but just wanted to give everyone a heads up about the excellent STRIPER fishing goin on TRENTON of all places it happens every year with the run of the herring & the stripees are sure to follow ( the whales been f*#@ing stuff up ) we were able to jig up limited...
1-11 of 12 Results