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  1. Hudson River
    Come on in and sign up guys.
  2. Saltwater Striper Clubs
    Here is first one.
  3. Hudson River
    With the new regs this year does anyone have any idea if and how the ale house will host their tournament this year and while on topic what about the castleton tourney, been thinkin a lot about the new regs and agree with the rest of u, think their will b a lot of white bellies on the river...
  4. Hudson River
    Took in at least $13,000 in entries and paid out less than $4000 in prize money!!!!
  5. Hudson River
    Anybody know any of the results from the Castleton tourney? I had to be into work early so I was unable to go down at 4. Thanks
  6. Hudson River
    So what were the results of the Troy Tourney this weekend? How did everyone do? I fished from Albany to troy in the boat Saturday and Sunday without much luck. Didn't fish above the Poestenkill because of the boat traffic and spent most of my time from the Corning Preserve down. Ran 4 rods...
  7. Hudson River
    April 27th!!! Who's gonna be there?!?
  8. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Anybody going ?? Still thinking about going not sure though....$65 bucks is a little pricey But I won it a few years back and hate fishing up there......
  9. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    The first place prize for castletons two day tourney is upped this year from$1,000-$2,000, I will be there and fishing hard. I know a few others that I will see too:salute:
  10. New Jersey
    Any news on weigh-INS for day 1? At lobster loft in sea isle city.??
  11. Hudson River
    Registration ends tomorrow for the RB tourney dont forget to register I could use the extra moneywoohoo.gif
  12. Striper Guides & Charters
    The Annual Harbor Tackle Red Drum Tournament and the Annual Harbor Tackle Assateague Striped Bass Tournament are now sponsored by AMSA. The tourneys will be run the same as in the past. The Red Drum dates are September 23 - 25, 2011 and the Striper dates are November 19-20, 2011. The...
  13. Diamond Valley Lake
    last chance tackle & national bass west combind forces to make the d.v.l. night tourney a great success. seen alot of familuar faces, and lots of great prizes to be had. b.b.q. was off the hook. here is a few videos.
  14. Diamond Valley Lake
    FELLAS , here is the latest news. megan at last chance tackle is putting together a bass tourney. thats right, where having a night time bass tourney at d.v.l. this should be great for all anglers who are intrested in l.m.b. and stripers. the lake has broken many new records this year, and we...
  15. Hudson River
    How big was the fish that won the tournament?Last I checked was 18 lb at about 11 o'clock.
  16. Arizona Stripers
    Spearfishing TournamentJune 5th Inland Water Divers will be hosting the 1st Annual Spearfishing Tournamant at Lake Pleasant June 5th. Hunters will stage out of the Scorpion Bay Marina, where they will return later in the afternoon for the weigh in. Pre-registration is required, contact us for...
  17. New York
    I am available to fish the WICC event in the Western Sound. Over the years, many winning fish have come from our waters and I am available both Saturday and Sunday. I would like to limit the trip to a party of 3 fishermen as we'll deploy a variety of tactics to find big fish.
  18. California - Lakes, Rivers, Bay and Delta
    the weather was great, and the b.b.q. was even better. we had around 30 registered sign in, not including the spectator. most all fish were in the 3 to 5lb range caught and wieghed in during the 1pm dead line. some guy ( dont know his name ) shows up 15 minutes later after the wiegh in with a...
  19. California Aqueduct
    California Aqueduct striped bass tourney Request Reminder for this Event 03-28-2009 Aqueduct striped bass tourney set for March 28 2009 In the California Aqueduct where the limit in the Southern Valley District holds at 2 fish, 18 inches or better. Well, now there's an opportunity to prove...
1-20 of 36 Results