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  1. Texas Stripers
    Moved here to Groves,tx with family. As an avid fisherman I am very dissappointed with the water here. It is very brackish not to say the fishing is bad. Being so used to seeing clean clear water oh my god. I dont even know if i want to steep in it. Sorry but being new here Thats how i feel...
  2. New Jersey
    I thought I would post this here, since this forum is where I usually post the most. I went to Colorado this past week to meet my new nephew and future fishing buddy, Richard McFarland "Mac" Harrington. He would be the little guy here: And while I was there I found some extra time on my hands...
  3. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    Hi! Guys: I just started surf fishing mostly Long Beach in L.I. I was @ long beach on sunday & broke my Penn Captiva Rod(12ft) 4 inches from top of rod. I also have a shimano Tallus rod (7ft one piece) with a shimano 6500 baitrunner & penn captiva reels. Based on other posts here I did a search...
1-3 of 3 Results