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  1. New Jersey
    Why can't I be this lucky (or good)?
  2. New Jersey
    We have been blessed with some very nice weather and we are still fishing! Our recent trip scored limits of Blackfish to 8 pounds and we saw schools of Blues and Bass chasing Herring and Bunkers! No surprise with 51 degree water temps off NJ and we plan to fish as long as mother nature is kind...
  3. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Joey and I hit south Jerzy managed 30 keeper seabass to 4.5 lbs and the old man got a couple Tog to 6.8 lbs. I chartered a 40' boat for just the two of us :trink08: now i got to work OT to pay for that trip
  4. Striper Guides & Charters
    To see pics use link below Available Dates for Blackfish Charters on ANGLER Express 1-6 passengers Mon 11/9 Wed 11/11 Thur 11/12 Fri 11/13 Mon 11/16 Tues...
  5. Striper Guides & Charters
    Oct 2 Could not keep them off the hook today. 50 or so keepers for a light crowd today only keeping our limit. 5 keepers went 8+ lbs. Silly I tell ya...just silly. ANGLER II Open Boat tomorrow leaving the dock at 7am. Sunday ANGLER II is sold out to a private charter. Taking out 6 open...
  6. Saltwater Species
    Dawn, Chris and myself went out on Sunday and got into some nice tog they were up to 8.5 LBS the smallest was 18". Dawn got on first set the hook bet not the drag it took off into the rocks and after 3 or 4 min. of slack line she got the first one in. We bagged out in less than 3hrs. it was a...
  7. Saltwater Species
    Hello to all the fishermen out there. We are simply catching HUGE blackfish, the last 3 days. Starting Saturday, we had aboad Nick DiSarrio and crew. The first fish brought up by Nick was 6 lbs. ! Not a bad start. We caught some other keepers and then Tommy Birds caught an 11 lb. monster. We...
  8. Saltwater Species
    First time out today. Hit 4 local spots for 1 large starfish. No bites. Beautiful day but wind and tide opposite so hard to anchor just right. Water temp 44.
  9. Saltwater Species
    News from the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control. June 22, 2005 Volume 35, Number 204 Contact: Roy Miller, Fisheries, phone: (302) 739-9914 State Record Tautog Caught by Dagsboro Fisherman A Delaware record tautog was caught Saturday, June 18 by Glenn Cave of...
  10. Saltwater Species
    Just wondering if anyong tried an all braided rig for fishing for tog? Just wondering if anyone had any luck with them if they tried it. If not I'll give an update as soon as I get down to fish for them.
1-10 of 10 Results