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  1. Hudson River
    Well they are coming up the river got 9 today had a blast took one home for the bbq 21" male
  2. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    River Temperatures 04/17/2008 20:24:00 Albany47.3 Poughkeepsie 50.0 West Point 50.2 Hastings on Hudson49.5 Battery49.28 (on 04/17/2008 20:18:00) Sandy Hook53.92 (on 04/17/2008 20:24:00) Derived from USGS and NOAA readings. :a_goodjob:
  3. Hudson River
    River Temperatures 04/06/2008 21:30:00 Albany42.6 Poughkeepsie 42.3 West Point 41.7 Hastings on Hudson43.3 Battery45.50 (on 04/06/2008 21:24:00) Sandy Hook48.06 (on 04/06/2008 21:30:00) Derived from USGS and NOAA readings. thumbsup.gif
  4. Hudson River
    Albany40.6 Poughkeepsie 40.6 West Point 40.6 Hastings on Hudson42.8 Battery44.78 (on 04/04/2008 23:42:00) Sandy Hook48.67 (on 04/04/2008 23:48:00) Derived from USGS and NOAA readings. all temps are in degrees farenheit. IT LOOKS LIKE THE WATER IS GONNA HEAT UP QUICK 50 'S AND 60 DEGREES...
  5. Rods And Custom Rod Building
    are wearing a pink lateral line with a pearl white belly and a cape cod blue back. And this one is wearing standard redhead clothing with a slight hint of silver scaling.
  6. Hudson River
    A & P Custom Tackle - Capt. Pete Schuman It seems the trend in todays fishing supplies is company buyouts. Shakespeare has bought out Penn. Rapala has bought out Lure Jensen and Cannon has been bought out by Minnekota. Impacts are anyones guess but Minnekota is already trying to do away with...
  7. Massachusetts
    Hit my "Sacred Angle" again this afternoon. Fished hard. Various presentations. Ended up losing the Bluefish Bomb that caught that keeper yesterday. Some bozo crossed my line, so me being the nice guy I am, I stopped reeling so he could get his line right, and in doing that I let the lure sink...
1-7 of 8 Results