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  1. New Jersey
    First My desk lamp just tipped over on to my Lap top keyboard. 3 keys popped off the G popped back on but the H&J will not. that's a total of 5 keys that will be glued back on. O Well. I do not fish the weekends if at all possible to many guys not enough room on the beaches, Case in point we...
  2. Massachusetts
    Someone told me today while I wa sfishing for flounder at the beach that the stripers wont be showing up until the latter part of april or this true?!!? I dont want to wait that longgg. Does anyone have experience fishing the sound and know when the earliest stripers will be here? Thanks
  3. Hunting / Game
    After a morning on the trap line with Das Fisch I took a ride over to the farm. We have been seeing some wild turkeys there off and on. I saw my buddies truck parked down the lane. He was at the truck. He had just shot his first fall wild turkey. Perfect arrow through the wing butt. Anchored...
  4. Stripers Forever
    Atlantic Striped Bass Conservation Act; Atlantic Striped Bass Fishery - scoping process - public comment period extended till 6/26 Below is a summary of change options being discussed and a link to the complete text. On April 24, 2006, NMFS announced its intention to re-open the scoping...
  5. Massachusetts
    Hold on guys alomost there.. 6 days till Spring Boat cover came off yesterday and unless I have a huge threat I am not putting it back on ! :lol: :lol:
1-5 of 6 Results