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  1. Marine Resources
    I'm not sure if this is allowed here (This is my first day in the forum). However, I noticed there used to be a lot of chatter here regarding helpful resources for data such as tides and buoys. I have a free app in the iOS app store called Easy Tides that displays current and future tidal...
  2. New York
    Hey guys. My name is Eric I live and fish in Orange County, mostly drifting bloods. I'm hoping someone can tell me how long slack tide lasts for? My understanding is that fishing is very slow during slack? Any info is helpful. Thanks.
  3. Blogs
    New blog article: Striper Tides - "Getting Ready"
  4. Hudson River
    we are going down to kingston tomorrow and i was wondering when the best tide to fish is? when we get there it will be high tide and about 2 o clock it will be low tide. is this good to be fishing on out going tide?:sign4:
  5. The Striper Forum
    I took advantage of the extreme low tide this AM here in Ct. where I live. This gave me the opportunity to see some channels and bars I don't normally see in regular low tide conditions. I was amazed to see how some areas were laid out. I have a different view of some of these areas now. One...
  6. Boaters Forum
    We fish on the Atlantic side of Monomoy Island. We have been unable to correlate when the rips start to form versus the high and low tides for the area. Does anyone have any wisdom?
  7. New Member Introductions
    Hey, My name is Jonathan and I live in Trenton, New Jersey. My only fishing experience is freshwater trout... actually, I may have caught some sort of small snapper in the bay at my grandparents shore house (Sea Side Park) when I was little also. Other then trout and a snapper or two, the...
  8. The Striper Forum
    anyone gonna try to fish the strong current on the new moon this week? i'm gonna try either tuesday night or wednesday,rest of the week weather looks iffy... i will probally have to do the 6pm-2am thing being how i have to work the next day. any ideas on best bite times? tides fall nicely right...
  9. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    What do you generally find between posted high/low tides and when things go slack then turn? I'm am still learning the river but know from CC canal fishing you can miss slack by quite a bit if you get to a place at "high/low". Any thoughts on how river conditions contribute to this would be...
  10. Hudson River
    What tide are you guys finding the best this year.The out or incoming for the most hookups thanks in advance for the info.I always found the out but every year changes will be headin out tomorrow for the first time this year.thumbsup.gif
  11. Hudson River
    Witch tide do you like to fish/catch striper on??
  12. Shorebound - Surf Beginners
    Like the title says, I need help in understanding how the tide and moon phases affect the habits of fish (not just bass) lets use my vacation in August the week of the 4th. Dawn and I are taking our boat to Block Island for the week. The new moon is Friday and we are staying the Sunday to Sunday...
  13. Stripers 101 - Sticky Threads
    What are Tides? Click on the link for the NOS Discovery Kits What Causes Tides? Gravity, Inertia, and Bulges Changing Angles and Tides The Frequency of Tides Tidal Variations Types and Causes of Tidal Cycles What Else Affects Tides? Monitoring the Tides How are Tides Measured ? Pt. I...
  14. Massachusetts
  15. Striper247 Events
    WEATHER cool_blue.gif Friday 8 PM Temp 66° wind west 7 MPH humidity 68% cloud cover 63 Moon Set: 9:23 pm Saturday 8 AM Temp 58° north west wind 12 mph humidity 80% cloud cover 40% Moon Rise: 11:39 am Phase: 0.18 Ilumination: (36%) Saturday 8 PM Temp 63° south south west 8 mph humidity 66%...
  16. The Striper Forum
    Is it important to pay attention to the height of the tides? Do more fish move when tides are higher etc?
  17. Massachusetts
    Haven't paid much attention to the moon but I can see that the evening tides are good size as is the drop in the morning ebb. Looks like a good setup! Will be out all night on Friday into the morning. Pillows already on board... Got my scanner going over a few stations if anyone is in the mac...
  18. Massachusetts
    Major tide shifts this weekend. Asking for past experiences with this. Fishing generally up or down and does it make things more difficult. I'll be hitting East Beach and Weekapaug point most likely.
  19. The Striper Forum
    hi everyone, Can you explain to me about what tide is better for striper fishing? I've been doing this for about 7 years, but I just don't get the tide thing. Which tide is the best to catch them? Thanks
  20. The Striper Forum
    Just when I thought I was getting a hang of everything, its seems one of the most important things about fishing is the tides. Incoming and outgoing are what have me confused. Say high tide is 9:00am when would that tide start to come in and when would it start to go out?
1-20 of 30 Results