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  1. Hudson River
    What are you guys using for upper Hudson tide info?? My app (tide graph by Brainware) seems waayyyy off. I mostly fish Schodack to New Balt. Thanks!
  2. Hudson River
    Guys, I'm new here and will be fishing from shore around Newburgh. My question, what is the best tide for shore fishing? I'll be using a med heavy 8.5' rod, Penn 4000 with 40# Braid with a mono 50# leader. 3-4 oz pyramid weight and using blood worms. Advise?? I also have some hopkins...
  3. Maine
    hey all! I would just like some help with what time is the best to fish rivers? and beaches like old orchard beach? thanks
  4. Maine
    Threw a sabaki rig for bait fish.....nothing.....threw a shad for stripers nothing.....bounced a Berkly Gulp Seaworm on a Carolina Rig off the bottom....nothing....Some one then pulled up and ask me if I had any luck then proceeded to tell me that they were starting to catch small schoolies down...
  5. Massachusetts
    I know you can catch fish on any day, and at any time, but if you were going to look for the ideal day to spend 4-5 hours on the water for stripers, what would you choose?
  6. Hudson River
    went out at 1230 first cast 32 stripper most of my keepers are at night. So for i caught 22 strippers for the season in 4 days. lots of 17 inches.
  7. Hudson River
    Anybody have a site for a tide chart that seems to be close to what the actual tide is. Found a couple but they all vary, some by quite a bit. Thanks
  8. Hudson River
    so the water temps are looking good and its going to be a late night/early morning incoming tide so I was planning on hitting the shore in the bear mountain area to see if we can start the season off right... just heard that my usually fishing mate will not be able to head out tonight so I...
  9. Hudson River
    When have you had better luck? Im heading out regardless, but am just curious. Thanks,
  10. Hudson River
    I heard about a red tide in the hudson. Im going to pull an all nighter fishing in the hudson right from jersey city(across from Manhatten). will the red tide effect fishing? i know its a little early in the season but do i have any chances of catching a striper?
  11. Hudson River
    A few weeks back somebody had asked about best tides to catch fish. My response was it doesn't matter to me, i'm going out when i can no matter the tide. :bluegrin: I paid attention this weekend and here is what we found ... Friday - Got them on outgoing, 1 hour or so after High...
  12. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    I was wondering if anyone would have an idea how long slack tide is usually once the tide has reach high tide in jamaica bay by north channel brigde?
  13. Hudson River
    Do people have better luck with the incoming or out going tide? It seems dead tide seems to be really slow going.
  14. The Striper Forum
    Hi all I am new to the forum. Have a question about low tide. Over the past few years I have fished <the local> bridge at night. I do most of my bass fishing at night like I said and at the end of the in coming tide and the tide change over. Well this week I want to try the out going tide on...
  15. Hudson River
    I know there is a sticky thread with a link to tide charts but I found this a little easier to read... Tight Lines Mates...Cheers :cheers:
  16. Hudson River
    Ok, I'm still new to the tide thing and trying to plan trips around it. How long do the incoming and outgoing tides last and how long is slack tide? When reading a tide chart for the Hudson the boat is traveling different from the tide posted for that time. I've had good luck with outgoing tide...
  17. Hudson River
    Went out on Sunday, 4-6-09 just north of croton point from shore. Got to our spot around 11 am. Was the middle of the outgoing. The wind was really sweeping down the river from the north, I mean Brutal. Fishing was slow to start, but right around the dead low tide, it came alive. We pulled...
  18. Cape Cod Canal
    What is the best tide for fishing the far east end of the cape cod canal? Would it be Low going up or High going down? Also what end of the canal is best at this time of year until the end of the season? The East end or the West end?
  19. Shorebound - Surf Beginners
    I am trying to understand the tide and the effects on the fish, specifically, how much time each part of the tide takes and what happens durring each phase. I was looking at a tide table that offered times for various places along the first few miles of a large, local river. I noted that the...
  20. Cape Cod Canal
    I was skunked big time. First every ten or so casts what ever I had tied on would fly right off. Not knot separation, the line would break. 25# braid and it would snap like dental floss. After donating several slugo's, 6" minnows, and several eels, I gave up and switched to a hi lo rig with sand...
1-20 of 53 Results