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  1. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Here are the pics of the double header my girlfriend and Igot on Thursday. Mine was 35 1/2" long and 17 pounds, hers was 36" and 19 pounds 10 ounces.
  2. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Hoping to get out on the kayak in Coeymans - NB - Schod. areas after work tomorrow (Wed.) and/or Thursday. Looks like we might have a nice window between rain today and high winds Friday. If anyone gets out before me, I'd appreciate some intel on water conditions. Might not be worth it if the...
  3. Massachusetts
    going to try to find some end of the season stripers this Thursday night anyone want to join plenty of room on the beach that I go to. water and area looks great even at low tide but the tides will be perfect right around sunset ... any pointers on what to use this time of year and are there...
  4. New Jersey
    I will be fishing The Raritan River Monmouth Co. area On Thursday March 8 its going to be close to 70. Hope to be there by 7am to catch the out going tide, Fresh Clams My choice High Low rig 2 Rods Circle hooks a must since most fish will be shorts. * lets get things going. The local Bait shops...
  5. Massachusetts
    Anyone heading out tomorrow? This nor'easter is finally gone!
  6. The Sports Bar
    bears /niners
  7. Connecticut
    Connecticut report. Hit the sound after work to meet the high at 6pm and chased the tide to the rock bottom at midnight. Lots of snapper blues in the mix and we were surprised as the sun dropped a football field's volume of pogies/bunker appeared. They were in the 7-10" range. We were...
  8. Hudson River
    herring were hard as hell today, few and far between. Seen one guy have two long runs, but unfortunately the clown was way to far away from his gear. by the time he got to it, the striper spit out the live herring. Also seen another guy miss two runs, then my Dad landed one at about quarter to...
  9. New York
    Hi everyone, I am being shipped out for a week for work from Friday to Friday. Cant complain cause I goint to Palm Beach but I still will have to work. Who knows, maybe I will get a 1/2 day of Tarpon fishing in. Anyway, before I go I would love to catch a striper. Yeah Zim, the skates were...
  10. Stripers on the Fly
    You bet and Big Brownies are the Target... But I will still have a chance to throw sone stuff at the Stripers too... WOO HOO... Just one good Striper makes the whole day and then some....
  11. The Sports Bar
    Raiders are vastly improved and hold a grudge (they still think THEY should have won that snowy night in Foxborough in '03) the Pats looked good against Greenbay in pre-season, the only game which we have to judge all the starters... I expect it to be close until the 3rd guess is...
  12. The Striper Forum
    I'm going out this coming Thursday for my first try at some striped bass. I will be using "clams" and 4" shads. Anyone going to be out fishing NBPT areas? Maybe we can meet up.
1-12 of 12 Results