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  1. Massachusetts
    Well first off... I'm back. hahah. I missed you guys. I've been busy with school, and now that I have my car, I'm not home too much. So basically, now that I can drive, me and my friend want to some fall run striper fishing, that is, if theres any left. We're thinking of making a whole day...
  2. Massachusetts
    Anyone up fer a little get-to-together out in the marsh? Could hit up before all tha Striped Ones drop out. What ye say?
  3. Massachusetts
    th_sm19.gif th_sm19.gif th_sm19.gif th_icon_loll.gif th_icon_loll.gif th_icon_loll.gif
  4. New Hampshire
    Hadda a job in decided to stop by tha HutTub on my way through Newmarket. Parked and stared at it, just daydreamin about Stripered Bassy's, runnin' Herrin's, fishin tackle, Coors Lite, early mornings and late nights etc...... It's almost time to play that Thin Lizzy song.......
  5. Massachusetts
    Got an email from Pete at Defiant Lobster today saying that a dumpster of some sort has managed to float up Nudd Creek, and landed just above the trestle. I have no idea what is going on out there, this is crazy. I am going to try and get down there at some point and check it out. Ridiculous.
  6. The Striper Forum
    :evil: DAMMIT TO HELL!!!!!!!! I want snow on the docks and boats, ice chunks in the Potomac, I'll even put up with 5 footers with a hard north east wind, but where's the cold weather/water the stripers love!?!?!?! You guys need to stop keeping all the cold fronts up there in NE to your self...
  7. Massachusetts
    Last The derelict/degenerate bums and the ignorant, disrespectful tourists were in full force. Yesterday I had one dopey lady admitting to a crime, saying how herself and people she knows often take shorts and bring them to Chinese joints. According to her, "there are 2 places...
1-7 of 15 Results