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  1. Hudson River
    I failed.
  2. Stripers on the Fly
  3. Surfcasting Central
    Hi, I'm new to surf fishing. I plan on fishing Assateague VA for red drum. I'm going to use a 10' heavy action pole , a penn 990 mag conventionle reel with 20# test, 40# shock leader and a fish finder rig. Do you think this is a good set up for red drum in the surf. Is 20# test strong enough...
  4. Plugs and Plug Building
    Video test swimmers :thu:
  5. Plugs and Plug Building
    test tomorrow maybe with videohello.gif
  6. Plugs and Plug Building
    I am trying to build a darter. I have the body shaped and sealed. I must add hardware before testing for proper swimability. Do I then wase my through wire and remove hardware before painting? Or is there a way to do it without wrapping tail hook? The nose loop will be very difficult to...
  7. Stripers on the Fly
    went out to a freshwater pond to test out my rod[9wt streamlite] it looked so easy to cast on those utube vids i've been watching.after about an hour fustration set in,plus a few knots,lost fly and i think that goose will be fine.i went to a fly shop and took an hour lesson,went back to the...
  8. Plugs and Plug Building
    Test swim this weekend.
  9. Tackle evaluation and freshwater product reviews
    The TNT 180; what a remarkable slab spoon! On a recent trip (31 July 2008) to Lake Monroe, Indiana I had the great good fortune to try one of these incredible lures made by Bryon Nolan of Trolling Nolan's Tackle Company, and I gotta say, this slab catches fish. I wanted to field test the lure...
  10. Plugs and Plug Building
    I did up 6 plugs with crabcoat. Treated them the same as I would normally that includes linseed oil/mineral spirits seal, dry for a week, seal with shellac, prime, paint, spray on scratch coat and then 3 coats of crabcoat instead of a couple coats of epoxy. They look good now, but let's see...
  11. Sweetwater Fishing -Freshwater Stripers
    Thinking about trying PowerPro 1 lb. diameter/ 8 lb. test on my ultralight, without a leader. In Moss Green color. I figure 1 lb. is so damn thin that it won't be any more visible than the 4 lb. copolymer I use now, better casting, less break-offs, etc. Any comments or experience? Thanks.
  12. Plugs and Plug Building
    first off, ide like to say salute the ones who inspire me to continue to create :icon_cvcyesir:. the first few pics are one of the biggest reasons i have not posted any pics the past month...plug building has been really slow due to shop reorganization and the "keep things dry" shuffle. these...
  13. Hudson River
    Ive been thinking of maybe trying to throw some top water plugs this year for the stripers?what pound test do u find good as far as casting ...the spots i fish have very rocky boddoms so it has to be very abrasion resistant ... I wanna get use to throwing plugs because we might not be able to...
1-13 of 48 Results