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  1. Hudson River
    Does anyone have some water temp readings from the Hudson? Most of the bouy's are down this year. All I see is Poughkeepsie at 43°F the past few days. Wondering about Newburgh and Tappan Zee/Cuomo areas in particular. Not sure I'm quite ready to dewinterize quite yet.
  2. Hudson River
    Anyone having recent water temps in your are Please post. Water Town County Not asking anyone for specific locations..... :flyfish:
  3. Hudson River
    The current river temperature in albany is currently standing at 1/2 a degree colder than it was at this exact time last year. If this proves right with current weather forecasts we should start seeing a first run of herring within the next 5 days. Then its all up hill from there as long as...
  4. Hudson River
    River Temperatures on 04/02/2014 at 0:28: 2 Albany 37.0 °F Poughkeepsie 37.6 °F West Point 36.0 °F Piermont 41.9 °F Battery 41 ° F Sandy Hook 49 ° F Derived from USGS and NOAA readings. all temps are in degrees farenheit. BECAUSE i can't wait i am goin to post water temps. AWWWWWWWWWW...
  5. Blogs
    New blog article: Sharks Are Pelagic Creatures and Water Temps Influence CC Canal Success
  6. The Striper Forum
    Station 44007 buoy in Old Orchard tells me the water temperature has reached 48.6 degrees......a mere degree and a half off from that magic 50. I know it's still too early for our striped friends to be making their way into the rivers, but, it sure does get the ole' blood boiling with...
  7. Hudson River
    water temp was in the mid 48 degrees and now its down to 43. and the fish shut off no herring in 3 days and no stripers. we need some nice weather with no rain for atleast 3 to 4 days to get the temp back upbrick.gif
  8. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Is there anywhere that I can find the water temps for each day last year or better yet the past couple of years? With the water warming up as slow as it is there is a good chance we will see some bigger stripers than last year in the Albany area. My dad just picked up a nice book for the...
  9. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    Whats the best bait to catch a stripper in cooler temps? :sign4:
  10. Connecticut
    The only thing around shore is snappers, guess i'll have some bait for next month !
  11. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
  12. Tennessee Stripers and Wipers
    March 9, 2010 PERCY PRIEST: (water temperatures: 48 degrees up-lake, 44 degrees down-lake) Region 11 - Percy Priest
  13. Connecticut
    does anyone know where there is a site or forum (possibly here) where i can get an up-to-date record of the Connecticut river water temperature? I just want to periodically watch the temperature so i can get a rough idea of when the striper and shad are comin' up! thanks! :thu:
  14. The Wiper Room
    Fall has began here in Iowa and water temps are currently 65° in our local reservoir. This past Saturday I made it out on the water with a friend (Big Fish Ron) who has continuously fished this lake for some years. We found the Wipers congregated at the drop offs along some flats. We trolled...
  15. Hudson River
    If we don't start cooling off soon, this run is going to over sooner than later. The water temps are in the low 50's and they only need to rise ten more degrees for the stripers to spawn. In fact, yesterday I saw a 29" male caught in the Catskill area and he was releasing milt all over- unless...
  16. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    River Temperatures 04/17/2008 20:24:00 Albany47.3 Poughkeepsie 50.0 West Point 50.2 Hastings on Hudson49.5 Battery49.28 (on 04/17/2008 20:18:00) Sandy Hook53.92 (on 04/17/2008 20:24:00) Derived from USGS and NOAA readings. :a_goodjob:
  17. Hudson River
    River Temperatures 04/06/2008 21:30:00 Albany42.6 Poughkeepsie 42.3 West Point 41.7 Hastings on Hudson43.3 Battery45.50 (on 04/06/2008 21:24:00) Sandy Hook48.06 (on 04/06/2008 21:30:00) Derived from USGS and NOAA readings. thumbsup.gif
  18. Hudson River
    River Temperatures 04/03/2008 19:30:00 Albany41.2 Poughkeepsie 41.4 West Point 40.6 Hastings on Hudson43.3 Battery44.60 (on 04/03/2008 19:24:00) Sandy Hook48.42 (on 04/03/2008 19:30:00) Derived from USGS and NOAA readings.
  19. Massachusetts
  20. Kayaking Stripers
    Just a reminder to all to dress for water temps, not the air temp, when kayaking. The days are getting warmer, but the water is still way to cold to be in without proper gear, and though none of us plan to take a dunk this time of year, you can’t rule out the possibility. Until the water temps...
1-20 of 28 Results