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  1. Hudson River for Albany for Poughkeepsie little cold today at 38.
  2. Hudson River
    The HRFA water temp site down @ . They had a program that gathered the temps from USGS and NOAA web pages. Well something happened, and there is no easy fix. However if you go to the main web site for HRFA , and click on "River Conditions". It will link you to...
  3. Hudson River
    First time I've seen 58 degrees in Albany. I think I saw 57.2 this morning
  4. Hudson River
    Up 1 degree from yesterday with the rain, itching to get out this Sunday. Hope things come back to life. :clock:
  5. Hudson River
    First I just want to be clear I am not asking people to reveal their spots, just trying to estimate the general pattern. I finally got my boat into Newburgh Marina, but I feel I may have missed the peak for the area. I am looking for real basics regarding temp/river location. I have many years...
  6. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Took my brothers boat out yesterday for the time. Went out of HHP all the way up to the dam. Marked no bait or fish. Water temps were right around 44degees all the time. What a nice time it was to be on the river again.:GreenBeret::GreenBeret:
  7. Maine
    The water is getting warmer!:icon_smile: That's very good news as any day now we should start seeing signs of Shad in the river. The water was 50 degrees today at 2pm(high tide at 5pm) on the float at Camp Ellis. Just 2 weeks ago it was 47 before the rain. Heard that people were catching...
  8. Maine
    Well it isnt made for it but this portable eagle i had seemed to fit somewhat in the ff pocket in my t15. The transducer isnt perfect either but i think this will get me staryed. I would like to be paddling around after pike or salmon as soon as the ice is open enough. Im stopping tonight to...
  9. Kayaking Stripers
    eager tiuse new fishing kayak in Narragansett Bay. water temps mid 60's,still hypothermic levels.Have drysuit coming in te mail soon.put outriggers on my trident 15.Am ICU TRAUMA RN,and have taken care of some very cold people,not always pretty.getting wetsuit for one of my sons.again wondering...
  10. Hudson River
    Hey all, So, if you cant tell, im still extremely new to striper fishing. Only been out a few times this season. This is also only my second posts on here. I've learned alot from reading around on here. One question though. At what water temp do they go down deep, and then when do they come back...
  11. Hudson River
    what is the water temp to watch for as to when we will see herring at HH Park:icon_thelmutsalute:
  12. Hudson River
    can anyone tell me what the water the temp is in the albany area..i know that it has been about 60, but yesterday most of wa ter that i was fishing showed 54deg..:a_goodjob:
  13. Hudson River
    is the water temp the only factor in the stripers spawn or is there others that can effect them?dontknow.gif cause if thats the case we better hurry this week doesnt see much cooler temps at night!:10186: does anyone chase them south in the ocean when they leave?
  14. Maine
    Water temps off the coast of Maine are heating up quickly, looks like we're up 2 degrees since the last time I checked about a week or so ago. Once those temps get up around the 50 degree mark it'll be fish on. I'm hoping the action will get going a little early this year in the rivers and beach...
  15. New York
    the current water temp is around 44 an getting hotter. being out testing the water an throwing a few lures but no luck. this weekend the weather is warming up an the water will hopefully get into he 50"s. hopefully it will bring in the bass. well be fishing all weekend to see if i strike...
  16. Boaters Forum
    I water tested my new Striper catching machine yesterday. A 20 foot center console. The previous owner had installed a hull mounted transducer. Seems to work fine for sonar, but I want to know water surface temperature. I could go to Garmin and buy a transom mounted sonar/temp transducer, but...
  17. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    River Temperatures Albany36.7 Poughkeepsie 36.9 West Point 36.7 Hastings on Hudson36.9 Battery43°F Sandy Hook43°F
  18. Boat repair issues & Shop Maintenance
    Friend has a 2005 Merc 150 outboard on a 19 Trophy CC. At 2000-2500 rpm temp gauge climbs to 200-240 within 5 min. Water shoots out of the hose and feels hot. Has steam showing at the back of motor. We never ran hot to get buzzer to sound. At other rpms temp is fine. New thermostats and...
  19. Massachusetts the sound right now. Looking for a general range along the eastern CT coast...trying to find these beasts
  20. Hudson River
    I was out in a boat Wednesday and the surface temp was at 52 degrees all day. I just checked online and Albany water is up to 56 degrees. Obviously with the crappy weather they're forcasting temps aren't a huge concern right now, I'm just wondering if things will still be good the week of the...
1-20 of 44 Results