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  1. Hudson River
    Hi, I am new to the site.This is my first time fishing for striped bass and I am going to be fishing in Tarrytown. Anyone fish here before? If so when the best time to fish and hows the fishing from there? Thank You!!
  2. Hudson River
    My friend and I fish off stamford CT. We're thinking about dropping the boat in the hudson for a day before the season starts in CT. Are the fish up around croton yet and is blood worms the best bait to use. Is it better with an incoming or out going tide. Hope someone can help us out!
  3. Hudson River
    The big ones arrived in Tarrytown over the weekend despite the pouring rain. Mike Banahan picked up a 46.28 pounder (35 inch girth) at 3 am sat morning that netted over $7,000 in prizes and then was safely released. Robert Martin weighed in and released a 39.04 for second and $3000 on...
1-3 of 3 Results