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  1. Blogs
    New blog article: Sweetwater Summer Fun
  2. Tennessee Stripers and Wipers
    Im in the early planning stages of a 4 day trip out to Memphis to target landlocked stripers. I have to use my airline credit before valentines day. Any guide or water recomendations would be apreciated. This is from between now and feb 15. Thanks in advance. Aram
  3. Virginia's Rivers, Lakes and Impoundments
    I fished there this morning and took home some nice stripers by 9:00am. We went up river this time and caught them. The best hits were a couple of hours before dayligth til an hour or so after daylight. Will be back this evening, and hopefully will have a report.
  4. Instructional Videos & Utilities
    Re: Floats for drift fishing Here is a picture of the bulletBobber Planing along side. Here is what happened when it went Ziggy Zagging around a tree. The pictures were sent in to me by a Tennessee Striper guide that swears he has doubled his catch rate using them and he has been a...
  5. Sweetwater Fishing -Freshwater Stripers
    I fish freshwater but usually only at my buddy's lake up in NH. I havent personally pulled out anyhting bigger than about 3.5 Lbs. But I saw about a 5 or 5.5 Lbs. that my buddy caught jigging a plastic worm. The thing was huge. I want one too. But i wish i did fish more freshwater but i havent...
1-5 of 5 Results