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  1. Hudson River
    Found this article on FB and its the first i've heard about it: Anyone have more...
  2. The Striper Forum
    Does anyone have experience fishing Storm swim baits? I've been using the 4" pearl colored swim shads in the Hudson this fall and had a fair amount of success with schoolie size fish (14" up to a 30"). I'm wondering though whether the larger size swim baits, say 6" plus, work in the Spring...
  3. Striper Guides & Charters
    Tuesday's perfect weather didn't help me catch any fish. Man I put on more than a couple miles for nothing but a few tiny bass with the only decent fish dropped boatside just before I got a glimse. So Wednesday morning was socked in tight with fog making me stay close to home and tinker around...
  4. Buy - Sell - Trade
    Want to buy storm little macs at a reasonable price> Thanks
  5. Plugs and Plug Building
    Are there any plugs that are comparable to the Storm Little Mac? If so, what are they and where can you get them? Thanks
  6. The Striper Forum
    Does anyone have or know of any little macs for sale? Thanks
  7. Hudson River
    lets just hope this storm dosent turn this river upside down like it did a few years ago. that horrible year after that storm that shut the fishing down for almost the rest of the season. everywhere u looked there was debris in the water. sucked fishing from shore cuz u would get hung up on...
  8. Surfcasting Central
    Anyone going out to fish the big surf this evening? I am fishing just haven't chosen where yet....there are thoughts in my head about a drive to Montauk or maybe the Tail....anything but the canal...Ive had enough canal this season.
  9. Cape Cod Canal
    so guys whats your take on the effects of the storm this past few days? we've had days of odd east winds, heavy rain, and 13foot surf! i'm thinking that the rivers will be murky full of debree and flooded....thus flushing bait.... but i'm guessing at this point. whats every one elses guess...
  10. Hudson River
    Does everyone always chill out with posts right before the season starts???? I laugh when I see 45 people viewing and only one new me updating the water temp...Anyway off to florida on friday for 10 days come back the 13'th and hopefully put the boat in the 14'th, get bait that...
  11. Shorebound - Surf Beginners
    Hey i have a question about storm shad lures bunker style. What is the proper way to hook them up do you just tie them onto the line or do you use a steel leader with a lock clasp on it and tie that to the line??? Also is cajun line 30lb ok for astripers
  12. Massachusetts
    Overnight thurs to friday most of us in New England experienced the worst Ice storm on record. I am one of the fortuanate few to have power at my house.Driving around today looked like a war zone with all the trees and lines that were down. I wish I had brought a camera with me.
  13. Saltwater Species
    Caught a bunch of jacks in the very rough surf here on Palm Beach yesterday. I don't care what you say, jacks are amazing atheletes to be able to hunt in the water that they do. I know you can't eat them, but has anybody out there tried?:anon:
  14. New Jersey
    after this storm, you know the one thats been pounding south jersey for the last several hours, will the fishing be good tomorrow morn?
  15. Massachusetts
    I went to RI on friday night and through saturday. I fished between a large reef and the rocks. I thought the bait woul take shelter in the calmer waters. This did not happen. The bass kept the bait on the ocean side in the rougher water with the big waves. It was interesting (although...
  16. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    :cheers: I bought one of these things because a buddy of mine recommended it. Are they good for stripers? Anyone every used one or caught anything with it? Just Curious...:smiliegrd:
  17. Massachusetts
    I went out in Boston Saturday day and Sunday evening. Saturday was very flat and while we got some bites and saw a few bass taken on another boat, I didn't get any myself. It was obvious they were bitting and a friend got five keepers later that evening as things started to get a bit rough...
  18. Surfcasting Central
    So this storm headed for us this weekend, supposedly remnants of a tropical storm, what's it going to do for the fishing? good thing? bad thing? Should I go out still (rhetorical, going anyway)? Are you goin out?
  19. Massachusetts
    What do u think is the best fishing possibilities for this weekend with lots rain and some wind on Sat for the merrimack? I think the 48hrs prior to a big storm and right after a storm with winds. I bet its going to be choopy either way for a while now. Your input is always apperciated. GO...
  20. Shorebound - Surf Beginners
    Do they work? I see them in all the shops but don't read about them much here. Are they any good? How do you fish them? Reel them in like spinners? Drop and twitch them like jigs (they seem a LOT like fish-shaped jigs to me) or twitch and jerk them like rapelas? Also, I saw my first Big 'Ol...
1-20 of 34 Results