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  1. Massachusetts
    I usually fish nantucket and the westerly area of Rhody......taking wife for the weekend to stonington e-mail me @ [email protected] if you do not want to post it on line.... i appreciate it........... diamond
  2. Kayaking Stripers
    If you are in the area with a kayak on the roof, tides are perfect for morning and evening fishing this weekend. We are launching from Stonington Point at 7:00 to 7:30PM this evening. Again at 8:35 to 9:00AM on Saturday and for 8:30PM on Saturday evening. Sunday some are planning on leaving at...
  3. Massachusetts
    Launched out of the Barn Island launch for the 1st time this year yesterday. Was on the water at about 6:15am. There was pea-soup fog, Visability was about 35 feet, It was Fly by Instruments until about 11am when the fog Finally lifted. My buddy had an older GPS on his boat that shows the...
1-3 of 3 Results