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  1. The Sports Bar
    Mets designate RHP Schmoll for assignment Visit for more analysis on this update. More...
  2. New Hampshire
    Congratulations to Steve Ross of Rollinsford NH th_sm19.gif He caught & released these 3 nice stripers on Chunk Herring on the outgoing tide in the Piscataqua River the night of 7/6-7/7. Good going Steve! Here's his award and Prize picks. Anyone can play by posting photos of the Stripers...
  3. The Sports Bar
    Steve, you went to the race?
  4. The Sports Bar
    Jeffy is starting 2nd! Rusty is down at 7th. Sure you don't want to keep pulling for the 24?
  5. The Sports Bar
    When are you coming down here for the race? I may be able to slip out and carry you guys in the Potomac for a fish or two?
1-5 of 7 Results