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  1. Delaware River
    :hot::Marine::smiliedoh:This is about boat ramp access on the delaware river at station ave. Yesterday 7-28-08, i just got a new outboard motor so i wanted to test run it on the delaware. i get to station ave boat ramp and there is trees, dirt, and of course trash strewn about all ove the...
  2. Plugs and Plug Building
    Two weeks ago, as I was applying a final coat to the top of a multy layered paint job, my Badger 150 coughed up a paint ball and yaked a big black splat onto the side of a plug.... the tyraid i threw brought the 'Coise running thinking I cut off my arm or something.... well when the cursing...
  3. Hudson River
    I recall reading somewhere on this site about a spot by the Croton-Harmon RR station where if you were cold/crappy weather you could sit in your car and watch your poles-indicating a road right by the shoreline. Anyone care to divulge any details regarding that spot? It has been damned cold...
  4. New Jersey
    LITTLE EGG HARBOR Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve Rutgers Institute of Marine and coastal Sciences The old Coast Guard station at the end of Seven Bridges Road in Ocean County is the home of the Rutgers University Marine Field Station. The research Center...
  5. Hudson River
    The Stripers Were Hitting Hard Over The Weekend. Can't Fish Croton Point B/C The Water Was 2 Choppy (COLD). The Closer We Got To The Train Station The Stripers & CATFISH Were All Over The Place. There Must Of Been 10 Boats Fishing The Point & They All Had ZERO Fish. We Were The Only Boat By...
  6. Hudson River
    The stripers were hitting hard over the weekend by the train tracks. Bloodworms did the job. Try to go @ low tide b/c as soon as the tide starts rising they all hit the point. I mean by the hundreds! ! ! !!! :P Oh and if you love catfish there all over the place.
1-6 of 7 Results