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  1. The Striper Forum
    Hello Everyone, I took the boat out on Sunday morning and hooked up with 2 14 pond blue fish, a 7lb skate and a few flunder. I went just outside the harbor by crooks point. The thing is I'm getting tired of catching blue fish. Does anyone know some good spots where I can go to hook up some...
  2. The Striper Forum
    When do you Islanders start seeing the Stripers return? What about the other guys? I plan on hitting the island at least 2-3 times. Probably go off the Lemon creek pier. Had amazing success this past summer.
  3. New York
    How was the run? I had made plans to visit the island and go after some blues and stripers but never made it. I heard it was a slow fall?
  4. The Striper Forum
    Any action off Staten Island? Been calling a few bait shops and they all said they are around but nothing to go crazy over. Heading down from PA and making a day out of it. I am thinking we will fish the pier of Sharrot ave until it's too low. Maybe fish the south shore after? Any other...
  5. New York
    hey is there any one out there fishing off staten island? and are you catching anything?
  6. New York
    Hey guys, Just wondering if anything is going on in the fishing world in Staten island ny ? Im new to this website.. if anyone has some tips on how to land that monster stripper please feel free to comment, Thanks guys
  7. New York
    Morning. I'm new to the Island and have been looking for stripers every weekend and a couple of week nights since October. I've been fishing from Wadsworth to Great Kills with no real success. Since the blues left in early Oct, I haven't seen a fish landed. Any advice, thoughts? Also most...
  8. New York
    Was wondering if anybody made it out recently? Any luck? I'm itching to go
  9. New York
    Met Zimno last Monday as he said some fish were around, but as usual they always seem to run off when i get there! GOOGAN GANGPLANK ZIMNO ON THE FLY FOR WEAKS
  10. Surfcasting Central
    hello every one i live in new York and i fish Staten Island almost daily. fishing the past 3 seasons has bin good. but this season has bin poor and mediocre at best. i have tried all previously successful baits bunker, clams, poppers and cranks. to no avail. I have also noticed a bait fish...
  11. New York
    Has anyone had any luck yet? only caught one by the <Edit - Zim was right ~ Sudsy> early in the season around begging of April. Anyone know where they are?
  12. Striped Bass Fishery Conservation/Politics/News
    Staten Island Voter Education Campaign Focuses On Waterfront Issues City Council Candidates To Voice Their Views At Feb. 10th Forum NEW YORK - Staten Islanders have long lamented the fact that they live on an island but have very limited access to the waterfront. A new voter education...
  13. The Striper Forum
    My wife and I are planning a quick trip to New York City the weekend of January 17th. I always have to carry my fishing rods everywhere we go, so I will carry along a few on this trip. We won't be driving the four-wheel drive truck unless the weather forecast predicts wintry weather, so unless...
  14. New Member Introductions
    Hello, First I would like to say good morning to all the members of and to thank you for having such a great site. I am a new member so I am still trying to figure out how everything on this site works. Hope I can post some interesting threads. I am an avid surf fisherman but...
  15. New York
    going fishing off the pier in midland beach this weekend what size weights are best to use?
  16. New York
    im new to fishing and and just got my crooks point pass for the summer, my question is where on crooks point is best to fish the beach side or off the rocks? also when is the best time to go someone told me right after high tide....any info will be appreciated thank you
  17. New York
    Boater/angler meeting with NYSDEC, USCG, Fast Ferry & NJ Marine Police This free meeting will include presentations from the USCG explaining "Operation Clear Channel." There will also be representatives on hand from New Jersey Fast Ferry and New Jersey Marine Police. NYS DEC Officers will be on...
  18. New York
    tonight went out to my usual spot and boy did i have a good nite. arrived around 8 oclock pm it was high tide and was going out. thought i try some bunker tonite since last week i caught 4 skates on clams. put a nice chunk on 5 minutes later it took off reeled in a nice 39 incher. after that it...
  19. Striper247 Events
    as you all know i am king of the skates lord of the googins and master of the skunk! baron of bunkah, prince of pogies and duke of deathwarmedover cold rain and misery!, bearer of frostbite, conveyor of agony, and peer of windswept horror! with that said, i plot the dates as only i can and the...
  20. The Sports Bar
    Atlas Foundation Puts on Golden Gloves Dr. Theodore A. Atlas Foundation is hosting the 81st Daily News Golden Gloves on Wednesday, February 13th at the Michael J. Petrides School in Staten Island, New York. Teddy says It fits about 1,300 people, $20 for general admission and $50 for ringside...
1-20 of 47 Results