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  1. Hudson River
    Greetings folks: can anyone let me know the status of the launch and the hours of operation at Schodack Island State Park? I realize the office and restrooms are closed. Would like to know if the gate is open or closed and at what times if anyone has any info would be appreciated. TIA
  2. Hudson River
  3. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Anyone know if they're in yet?
  4. New York
    Hey everyone, been reading the forums for quite a bit now but making my first post because I can't find the information I am looking for. Not new to fishing but new to surf casting and am trying to settle on the right rod for the type of fishing I will be doing. I am located in Westchester so I...
  5. Hudson River
    Took a drive by the park today, sign out front stating camping would be available in April of 2016. Campsites are virtually done. If you have never been there it is on the east bank just below the Castleton bridge, off route 9J. Great launch. Herring usually pretty easy to jig. I live...
  6. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Cancelled no permit
  7. Hudson River
    Has anybody camped there during the striper season? Is it legal? Is the water too high? I know ya gotta deal with the tide, and my boat leaks. Any advice?
  8. Hudson River
    Anyone fish this spot before? Just moved here over the summer, just finally had to get a chance to get my gear from back home. Any advice would be helpful, thanks.
  9. Hudson River
  10. Massachusetts
    i am comming out in two days and i am looking for any pointers to help me catch my first striper from the beach most importantly bait and best times? thank you for any help
  11. Connecticut
    Looking to take my 8yr old Nephew down there. Not to spot burn!!!!!!!! Dad was working in RI and has to go over to finish a job. I'm briniging the LilGuy down Sat. 19th. So what can the lil guy catch off the beach? Bait? Lures?. I've never fished here. So could use a little HELP!! I just want...
  12. New Jersey
    Hey guys, I was thinking of hitting up the surf from island beach this weekend. Any reports around? I heard it's been hit and miss. It'll be a 7 hour trip for us, but it'll be nice to be on the beach again. -R
  13. Sweetwater Fishing -Freshwater Stripers
    A state fishing record was set today, March 31, 2012. Tyler Shields, Lucas Kilpatrick, Logan Howard, Bobby Pisciotta, Logan and Caleb Davis were fishing this morning on the Hiwassee Lake at Beaver Dam when Shields hooked a 66.1 pound Striper Bass. It took the guys 45 minutes to reel it in. They...
  14. Missouri Stripers
    The following is copied from the online version of Missouri Conservationist Magazine. The link to the story is also included. Striper Record Some fishing records stand for decades. Others last only days. Two impressive records set last year in...
  15. Hudson River
    I just read on the riverbasin website that there was a report of a 61 pound striper taken down by newburgh. Can anyone confirm?
  16. Hudson River
    Hello all, Does anyone know the hours of operation at the Schodack State Park launch? Seems to vary year to year. Thanks in advance
  17. Indiana Stripers and Wipers
    For immediate release: Feb 24, 2011 Posted by: [DNR] Contact: Brian Schoenung Phone: (812) 279-1215 Email: [email protected] Trout to be stocked at Fort Harrison State Park Rainbow trout will be stocked at Fort Harrison State Park's Delaware Lake in Indianapolis in late March. The goal is to...
  18. Maine
    Hello All, I am brand new to the forum and not too sure what I am doing as of yet. I fish the Jersey shore mostly but have ventured as far north as Mass and Nantucket Island (got skunked and tortured by seals). Packing up the family for a week of camping at Mt Desert State Park at the end of...
1-20 of 91 Results