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  1. Hudson River
    went down to a few of my favorite spots this morning, figured id give everything a look over... sure enough 3rd cast with the swimbait 2 herring followed behind.... i no what ill be doing friday :icon_thumright:
  2. Hunting / Game
    I will post a report tomarrow . the rut is in full swing so i am hoping big boy will walk in but we will see in the morning p.s dam its freaking cold lol and it has been flurrying all day on and off i hope we have a dusting for the morning
  3. Delaware River
    I must be in a daze, that's a month away. Have a feeling it's going to be a great season, with some big fish. (consider releasing the Cows, take a picture, let them spawn) Lets hope the Delaware River stays calm and clear. Now to find WORMS..... And am I glad this board is back and working!
  4. New Jersey
    Ralph Knisell is the Outdoors Writer for the News. His column appears on Thursday. March 1st begins the start of 2006 NJ striper season. Marked by a cold Northwest wind. The water temperature in The Great Bays is 44 degrees. The first "keeper" was taken last spring on March 29th. This time...
  5. The Sports Bar
    That new show on ESPN about poker/Vegas, "TILT", starts tonight. "It is the week before the World Championships of Poker. Three young professional players have teamed up to take down Don "The Matador" Everest. The Matador is the most powerful and influential player on tour. He is the reigning...
1-5 of 7 Results