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  1. Hudson River
    DEC Delivers Press Release - Information to keep you connected and informed from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Share or view as a web page || Update preferences or unsubscribe DEC Announces Start of 2021 Striped Bass Season Hudson River Season Opens April 1; Marine Waters...
  2. The Striper Forum
    I decided recently that I would like to spend my life fishing for stripers, while also hoping to make a living doing so. While I don't have the means right now to put everything completely in motion. I am passionate enough about this and believe that I have enough drive to make it happen...
  3. New Jersey
    I do declare Winter dead! Time to start getting ready.
  4. Albemarle Sound
    went out and fished the targets in the sound this past Sunday and had a blast. caught over 20 rock and brought in a 19", 21" and a 27". the 27" was over 6 pounds. went out the following day (Monday) and only caught 2. both were under 18". caught all the fish in 10 ft of water with a rattle trap...
  5. Hudson River
    The season started out pretty good till the rain came. The river turned to mud and haven't seen a striper in two weeks. Hopefully the fish move in and the water clears up before the ale house tourney on saturday.
  6. Blogs
    New blog article: A Couple of Lessons From '11 and When Does Spring Start?
  7. Chesapeake Bay
    So I got the hang of trolling with jigs and everything and actually did very well until now, but I was wondering when does the catch of spots and live lining begin? I've noticed that the fish have came much closer to shore into the shallows and was wondering are they starting to chase live fish now?
  8. Surfcasting Central
    I have all my fishing equipment ready,also finally got my truck all decked out and ready to ride down the beach.I just need to get my buggy pass.My question is,when is it good to start fishing the surf at island beach park?I hate getting stumped on the first trip down!It throws off my whole...
  9. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    I am looking to buy a rod and reel to fish for rockfish on the upper Chesapeake Bay. Looking at a Penn Slammer, any thoughts or recommendation? Is the Penn 760L too much? GHA
  10. New Member Introductions
    May is what I live for!
  11. View From The Beach
    Here on Lung Guyland we have our first stalled weather front and our first cool day. I'm sure that our YOY weakfish and mullet are taking notice. Just sayin.:icon_wekke:
  12. Kayaking Stripers
    eager tiuse new fishing kayak in Narragansett Bay. water temps mid 60's,still hypothermic levels.Have drysuit coming in te mail soon.put outriggers on my trident 15.Am ICU TRAUMA RN,and have taken care of some very cold people,not always pretty.getting wetsuit for one of my sons.again wondering...
  13. Stripers on the Fly
    Im a Maine native, this will be my first spring/summer that I will be fly fishing for stripers down here. Where is a good place to go? I prefer to wade in the surf or beaches, dont have a boat but may pick up a kayak this year. When do schoolies show up down here? Am I better to go on the...
  14. Massachusetts
    My ten year old son would like his own surf casting rig. Can anyone give me an idea of what size rod I should consider for him? Thanks for your help
  15. Hudson River
    Went out from shore yesterday and landed this beauty. She was 33" long and weighed 18lbs 4 ounces. Earliest striper I've caught in the last five years of my records. Here's a pic:
  16. Hudson River
    I have never fished for stripers before so I need some basic info. I reviewed the beginner section but still need more details. What bait shop around Newburgh sells bloodworms? Without giving up your sweet spots are there public access points around the newburgh area? I will be fishing from...
  17. New Jersey
    While the season is open for Bass here in Joisey, and I technically do have a fishing rod on the truck, I'm not really ready to start fishing yet, but it will be soon....A couple of weeks, after the Asbury and Berkeley shows. Reports of keepers from down south, and a bad case of cabin-itis have...
  18. Plugs and Plug Building
    Here are a few designs that I have been working on. Actually a couple of them I don't have anymore as they were sent out. First picture is top down 5 1/2" surfster, 6 1/2" Danny, 7" Needle, 5 1/2 Atom Second Pic:6" Danny(slightly different than other) Third Pic:7" Surfster Forth pic:6" Sand Eel...
  19. Boat repair issues & Shop Maintenance
    I was wondering if anyone can help with my problem? I have a 1989 Remote start Evinrude 40hp outboard E40ECU VRO/lanyard are both bypassed. Motor runs great all the time when it's running. I get to the ramp, get it fired, take off, 20 minute ride, get 1 mile off shore, shut it off, fish...
1-20 of 45 Results