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  1. Maine
    Has anyone fished for these buggers here in Maine? I was wondering if anyone knows of any shore locations that could provide some action, which could provide some good eating, would not mind spending some time getting a few. PM's are welcome, if your so inclined. Thanks
  2. The Striper Forum
    Caught fresh squid this morning. They are not live; went right in the fridge. Any suggestion on how I can prepare and or use them for bait? What should I target with this bait?
  3. Plugs and Plug Building
    can you use these to catch snapper/bluefish/stripers? What do you think? How do you used them? I cant find a youtube video. :flyfish:
  4. Saltwater Species
    Hey guys, whats up, I'm new to here. I just wanted to share something that I tried out that works, and as far as I know of, know one else uses. Sorry if this is some old method. I was fishing off of Ocean Breeze pier in Staten Island, using spearing and squid. I had been there for a while, and...
  5. Saltwater Species
    When I lived in Cape Cod Mass I used to catch a lot of squid when they spawn in the inner harbors right before the striper got that far north. I live in south NJ now and was wondering if anyone knows if they spawn or does anyone fish them in the harbors this far south? Thanks
  6. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    I always hear in bait shops that i frequent in the spring that stripers were caught drifting squid. However whenever i use squid i have no luck. I was just wondering what the basic rig was for drifting them or using them? Weight? Hook Size?
  7. Rhode Island Fishing
    Are in......................... Herring are still out front and moving up the runs..... Bunker are showing up. I think we all know what that means.
  8. Rhode Island Fishing
    I stopped by the goat island bridge to see If anything was going on yet. Nothing. Does anyone know when the squid will begin to show I know its very soon.
  9. Plugs and Plug Building
    Heres some new stuf, norris squid is sweet. Bottle darter shakes like nothing, The 2 darters are simply increable, as they dart better than any others with the cuts and are easier to make, made from pine, and the needle is one of a ton of them i made. One of the darters in herring has...
  10. Plugs and Plug Building
    Anyone fish one of these. I'm thinking it's a walk the dog style, but not sure.
  11. New Jersey
    Hey all, I'm bored, stuck inside b/c of the rain, so I figured I'd research squid fishing. I don't seem to be getting too many hits when searching for NJ squid fishing. So please feel free to contribute anything you know about it... -Is it worth while in NJ from surf and/or boat? -Any regs...
  12. Massachusetts
    I've been reading about how there are a lot of squid in Boston Harbor (more than usual). The latest OTW report said they expect it to become a year round fishery. Most of my squid experience comes from bridge fishing in the Cape so I was wondering if people agree that there are squid in the...
  13. The Striper Forum
    I bought one of the 2oz. Tattoo Squid Darters & was wondering if anyone had any "fish tales" about their experience using it. Tightlines
  14. Massachusetts
    Just lookin for a little info on squid in ct/ri waters. Where they are at what time of year.....wondering what kinds of lures to use and I don't know much about squid. Are they still around? How long do they stick around? Is it worth matching them at this time of the year? Also.... I'd like to...
  15. Massachusetts
    Went squiddin near Goat island in Newport last night with Zero action. We took the boat and set up in line with the middle of the bridge while everyone else hung at the of the bridges. We relocated thinking that maybe the end of the bridge is where we needed to be again zero action. We never...
  16. Massachusetts
    Is anyone fishing the squid run this spring in the Naragansett... Would like to try it out. We may trailer the boat down to newport for a day/night trip and come home in the morning. That would be my plan anyway. Maybe the first week in May. Maybe the 2nd or the 9th. Anyone fish it last...
  17. Saltwater Species
    what do you guys recommend for squdfishing....i was gonna go out tonight and maybe try some clams for stripers and figured that i would try for some squid too just cause i heard that right now they are IN......was thinking about fishing out of hull...anybody know any better spots for...
  18. Saltwater Species
    I lived in cape cod for the last five years and we used squid fish before the stripers moved in. They moved into the harbors to spawn but it would only be for about two weeks. I was wondering if they do the same down in south jersey or if its worth going and I forget the water temp they show up...
  19. Massachusetts
    Hey again, haven't been on here in a while, good to be back in the swing of things. I am going down to the vineyard somewhere in late may, does anyone know of any good spots to catch some squid for bait? around the cape docks or the vineyard?
  20. Plugs and Plug Building
    this is my take on a squid hope ya like the pencilpopper is 5 " long 1 3/4 oz darter is 51/2 long and 1 3/4 oz swam the poppoe looks great have not tryd the other one yet
1-20 of 27 Results