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  1. Hunting / Game
    Got this turkey this morning 21 pounds 10 inch beard 1.5 inch spus
  2. Hudson River
    Spring striper slips are available at the Marlboro Yacht Club. The term runs from docks in (approx. 4/13 or sooner weather pending) to May 31, 2019. Secure marina with gas, pump out, and trailer storage. 24/7 access to your boat. Private message me and I'll email an application to you...
  3. Hudson River
    Hi Guys. Marlboro Yacht Club has slips available for Striper Season. $200.00 for the season. Fuel and pump out station at the marina. Docks should be in by April 1st weather pending. Private message me with your contact number and I'll provide more details and meet with you and show you...
  4. Hudson River
    It's that time of year again...days are getting longer...rivers are locked up with ice,almost torture but, before you know it the cover on the boat will be coming off. I figure the best way to pass the next 10 weeks or so before the season begins is to do a little research to better my odds...
  5. Hudson River
    Hey guys, so I live in Albany and I’m an avid fisherman who’s getting into making YouTube videos. Come the spring Striper run I was wondering if anybody has a boat and would be willing to take an extra person with them? I would help pay for the gas that’s used and provide some food/beer. I’m...
  6. Hudson River
    Just curious since I have only done the migration once and saw everybody fishing with Herring. I had to resort to cutting a couple dead ones up on the beach. Anyways I get bored just standing there so would rather as usual have one pole out and cast with the other. Is it worth it in...
  7. View From The Beach
    I've been doing my own bit of research the last several years on the general health of the bass stocks. It's a topic that is important to me, and no doubt important to many of you. So I would appreciate if you post up a couple sentences on how the spring season was for you. I'm interested in...
  8. View From The Beach
    Don't name any specific spots, just looking for some loose data here. Just give your general location on the coast and indicate whether it was caught in an inlet, open beach, river, or bay. For bass caught, what have been the size you have caught most often. I'm trying to roughly correlate year...
  9. Hudson River
    Looking to get out early and ride the outgoing tide, which is out at ~1020 and then catch the incoming tide which is high around ~1530. Drift some blood worms, cast some plugs, etc. Will be my 2nd time kayak fishing the Hudson, and still nervous! I am thinking an easy place to launch is south...
  10. New Jersey
    (For the moderators, I cleared this with JakeF before posting - Thanks Jake) For those familiar with the tournament, new this year the tournament will be run on a catch and release format. New this year also will be a boat/kayak division. Of course, we will still have our surf/shore division...
  11. Surfcasting Central
    With the Striper season in NY fast approaching, I wanted to get some opinions in on which lures may work early in the season. I know that using clams or bloodworms is a preferred method early in the Spring but I prefer scouting out an area with a lure Also, I'm thinking about using some...
  12. View From The Beach
    by Rich Troxler The spring run is right around the corner. A couple of warm days and the bass will start to get active again. Yeah, I know, some of you may have caught a few in some of the river outflows or where ever, but I'm talking about when the bass masses awake and the bites start to get...
  13. The Striper Forum
    Here's to a great spring! May it be filled with big fish and many successful releases. :icon_salute2:
  14. The Striper Forum
    I spent some time last night going through the tackle boxes. I spent some time pinching down some barbs and sharpening some hooks as well as some general arranging. I generally fish salt water. I got to wonder if I was picking through and getting ready for my first cast of the year and if I was...
  15. The Striper Forum
    When do you Islanders start seeing the Stripers return? What about the other guys? I plan on hitting the island at least 2-3 times. Probably go off the Lemon creek pier. Had amazing success this past summer.
  16. Tennessee Stripers and Wipers
    Who has been fishing below Pickwick Dam for Stripers?
  17. New Jersey
    We will be back in the H2O on April first and sailing for Stripers starting April 6th. Most of our weekend A.M. Dates are filled in late April thru May already...pretty sure i have 1 saturday and 2 sunday mornings available....but we are running 2 trips daily and have some P.M. availibility...
  18. Blogs
    New blog article: Spring Stripers and WEAKFISH!
  19. Blogs
    New blog article: Spots, Bikes, and the Rush for Spring
  20. Blogs
    New blog article: A Couple of Lessons From '11 and When Does Spring Start?
1-20 of 100 Results