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  1. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    :icon_thumright: eye hear the :icon_biggrin: is rocken...laughing7.gif....
  2. Delaware River
    If you have been following my articles about "How to Catch Striped Bass on the Delaware River" this will fill in some gaps for the bank fishermen that I have neglected. Below is brief overview of where to fish from land on the Delaware River, covering Philadelphia to Bucks County with google...
  3. Blogs
    New blog article: Spots, Bikes, and the Rush for Spring
  4. New Jersey
    2 spots open...6 a.m.- 1 p.m. 110.00 per person...includes bait and tackle....bucktails available on board for purchase. Does not include tip for mate.....we are definately looks great. Call my cell to grab the last 2 spots! 610.462.5688 Also 2 spots open for our Mudhole...
  5. Massachusetts
    Hi all. I'm going to be on vacation in mid-August in Buzzard's Bay/Onset (jst off Cape Cod) and wondering if anyone from the area can point me to some shore or pier fishing spots. Stripers or anything really... thanks. Also, any tackle shops in that area? I find that locals can be helpful...
  6. Maine
    Hey does anyone Know of ant good trolling spots im very good with live mackeral but i wanna catch em on spoons and umbrella rigs. Well of you know spots i know a few but id like to try some other spots my boat can handle just about anything Thanks again
  7. Stripers on the Fly
    I am new to the web site and kinda new to fly fishing for stripers. I just got my drivers license and can't wait to be able to fly fish the surf whenever I want. So if you could just let me know where to go and what to look for I would greatly appreciate it. :flyfish...
  8. Striper Guides & Charters
    6 a.m. To 1 p.m. 110.00 per person not including tip for deckhand. Spearing,Squid, Clams provided for bait Bucktails are available for purchase onboard or bring your own if you have them! 2 spots my cell to reserve! 610.462.5688
  9. Chesapeake Bay
    So I got the hang of trolling with jigs and everything and actually did very well until now, but I was wondering when does the catch of spots and live lining begin? I've noticed that the fish have came much closer to shore into the shallows and was wondering are they starting to chase live fish now?
  10. Hudson River
    I'm looking to jig some live herring and then fish for striper with the live herring, any help I can get is much appericated like where to get me some darn herring... I've been out on my boat 3 times with no luck at anything yet... this is my first boat, fished from shore the past two...
  11. Surfcasting Central
    I'm heading down to Cape May Point area this Friday to get some striper fishing in. I usually try out the jetties at the point. Does anyone have any other good spots that I can try out when I'm down their? Any suggestions would be great. Thanks for your help.
  12. DelMarVA
    I am thinking about driving up to Bay Bridge area maybe sandy point this upcoming weekend 11/12 or 11/13. I have never fished the area before is anyone interested in meeting up and shore fishing? Or maybe sharing any tips so I can have a successful weekend? I would be driving up from...
  13. Massachusetts
    i need to find a good spot i've started fishing for stripers for about a month and havent caught anything i only tried the neponset river by quincy any good areas will be apprciated
  14. Hudson River
    hey i am looking for some good spots to go fishing, where they actually are biting, but for on shore. i know of river road, sleightsburgh, charles rider park. i am just looking for some new spots. any ideas guys? PLEASE HELP!
  15. Hudson River
    whats the deal on spots? newbys looking for spots, heres a tip no one is going to tell you gps coordinates where to fish. No one minds giving a little help but theres a certain amount of trial and error you have to do yourself. Best advice, get to the river and get your line wet. im not ryin...
  16. The Sports Bar
    Manu Ginobili looks at a strangely flying plane above Santa Monica and then stops to sign autographs for fans before entering the Spurs team bus.. Manu's tweet…." : Someone filmed me looking at what I saw! Small world! Very good!" This took place prior to the Spurs 90-85 loss to the...
  17. Surfcasting Central
    Is there another thread that discusses good spots in the lower NJ/DE area and if not, are there any ideas. I'm into surf/jetty fishing, etc. Best times/tides would also be a big help. TIA
  18. Stripers 101 - The Beginners clinic.
    I'm newly regsiterd and wanted to say thanks for the site/forum. Just moved back up to the Mid-Atlantic from South Carolina. We had a great resource there called Top Spots Maps (link follows) Is there an equivalent for the...
  19. Surfcasting Central
    I live in port washington and am looking for some good fishing spots around port, sea cliff, glen cove, etc. (within the local area). Was hoping someone might have some pointers. Thanks much.
  20. Arizona Stripers
    Re: Weekly Arizona Reports - Outlook for 2010 Complete Az weekly reports can be found here SOUTHWESTERN WATERS Lake Havasu & Topock Gorge: Fishing for largemouth bass, as well as smallmouth bass, is expected to be good to excellent. Sizes will range from 13 inches and up, with an occasional...
1-20 of 63 Results