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  1. Hudson River
    Hello, I am looking to take my son to hopefully catch his/my first striper this year. This will be our first time going for stripers in the Hudson. We are in dutchess county and need a good spot with public access around poughkeepsie, wappingers, newburgh... etc Anyone have good spots? Any...
  2. The Striper Forum
    My 13 year old son is doing his 8th grade Science Fair Project on how the moon phases affect fishing success and when are the worst and best times to fish around the lunar cycle. He really would like some input he can use for his reserch on this topic, especially from charter or pleasure fishing...
  3. Massachusetts
    My ten year old son would like his own surf casting rig. Can anyone give me an idea of what size rod I should consider for him? Thanks for your help
  4. Boat repair issues & Shop Maintenance
    My son Mike,thinking he was helping dad,charged my batteries in reverse,neg to pos and pos to neg.the electricals still work,so the batts still have juice.The big problem is now i have no juice the 150 yammie.Looking for info on what could have got toasted.All fuses intact in the engine and in...
  5. Massachusetts
    My son caught his first keeper today. Well actually he got a 28" earlier in the day then landed this 39 1/2". Got it on live tinker macs in merrrimac during the last 2 hours of the incoming tide. We boated four others that were decent size also. Had a great time sun was out and so were the...
  6. The Striper Forum
    First I would like to thank this everyone involved in this forum the information and laughs have been great. Ok the details 44 degrees on the chattahoochee river in lake harding in Georgia. The winds were at 12-14 miles an hour and the surface water temp was 54. We were trolling rapala shad...
  7. The Striper Forum
    06-2008, 04:37 PM fishingagain Striper Hunter Join Date: Jul 2005 Location: Marshfield, MA Posts: 32 My son's first keeper 35" fat on pogies, my son is 11 years old and this is his first keeper Attached Images
  8. Massachusetts
    35" fat on pogies, my son is 11 years old and this is his first keeper
  9. The Striper Forum
    My son austin and his friend striper.
  10. Massachusetts
    Father and son 08-24-08 My son Shawn came fishing with me today. We got into the pogies right away. But hooking a striper on the jumbo pogies proved challenging. The slurpees were incredible. The bass would throw the pogies right out of the water. Shawn caught the big fish of the day. 39" 25...
  11. Sweetwater Fishing -Freshwater Stripers
    :lff3: hehehe... Brent has been fishing since last year. He's caught a lot of bass, a dace and a nice rainow trout - all from shore. I got him out on the boat once last year and he caught 7 bass - no pics :smiliedoh: So the other day, Brent and I had our first day out on the boat - just the 2...
  12. Hudson River
    And yes I pulled my son outa school today for a Striper trip :whistle: part of his Birthday present - hit the water about 7am outa HH Park we headed north to the Port of Albany - 5 mins after anchoring up Herring and lots of them ... decided to throw out 2 lines with live ones on them 1/2...
  13. Hudson River
    I Figured I Would Post A Pick Of My Son He Was Born July 16 .. I Hope He Loves To Fish When He Gets Older.i Know My Three Girls Do
  14. The Striper Forum
    Hi Guys, On saturday I took my son fishing for the first time. Previously, I have been fishing in his company but this was the first time that he had his own rod (I bought him a little Ugly Stick combo for Xmas). We did not go very far, only to a small pond around the house. I just wanted to...
  15. Rhode Island Fishing
    you dont have to tell me you favorite secret spot just a nice surf spot to catch some small schoolies and maybe a keeper for me thumbsup.gif ...We'll be using crank baits and swimbaits (slugO's)??? any help would be much Obliged!!! he's 13 and loves fishing thumbsup.gif
1-16 of 23 Results