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  1. Rhode Island Fishing
    Hit SOCO yesterday and didn't see or catch anything........
  2. Rhode Island Fishing
    will be where I'm heading tonight. :smile:
  3. Massachusetts
    I nailed a fat 38" bass on an eel. Definitely over 20 lbs. 20.2 lbs to be exact.:biglaff:
  4. Massachusetts
    tonight. I'm off work for the next few days, and lookout, it's time to have a BLAST! thumbsup.gif sign10.gif :walamatBanana: :yourock: usa2.gif :welcomeaboard: thumbsup.gif :smiley17e: th_sm19.gif birthday.gif chainsaw2.gif :bowdown: :wav: bravo_sign.gif :trink33: naka.gif :jb:
  5. Massachusetts
    were no where to be found on Sat night. I don't know about anyone else, but, THERE WERE NO FISH!:smile:
  6. Massachusetts
    last night, Nothing! Maybe this week.:smile:
  7. Massachusetts
    I'm going to catch the outgoing tonight. I'll let you folks know how I fair. How have others been doin'. thumbsup.gif
  8. Massachusetts
    Out yesterday afternoon into the night to catch thr incoming and the outgoing. Towards dusk had some blues. Once it turned dark I had a steady pick of bass. Mostly keeper sized. cigar.gif
  9. Massachusetts
    Been fishing around SoCo last few nights and have found a good number of larger blues (to 10#) and some stripers (to 10#) when I can get the blues to layoff - and I can get around the weeds. I keep hearing of bigger bass, and I bet they are there, but I havne't been into them in this area yet...
1-9 of 9 Results