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  1. Buy - Sell - Trade
    SNOW BLOWER FOR SALE Ewing/Trenton NJ Must Pickup Troy-Bilt Push Button Electric Start& Recoil Starter Will show you how to operate it also. Two-Stage Snow Blower Model 8526-Storm With Operator's Manual & Engine Manual 8.5 HP Tecumseh Engine 26" Width / 23" height Self-Propelled All wheel...
  2. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    I'm actually glad about the incoming storm. It's exactly what we need to keep them river temps down. Let it snow... let it snow... let it snow.
  3. Buy - Sell - Trade
    Snow blower for sale 24" x 22 " SOLD sold
  4. The Striper Forum
    Anyone give a weather report and let me know how much snow Kingston got
  5. Hudson River
    Lack of snow, negative or a positive on spring striper season?
  6. Hudson River
    Just got done doing the driveway. We got about 8-9inches of snow in the Selkirk area. Last year at this time the temp was a record high of 68degrees. What a difference. Hope this is the last of the white stuff.:icon_thelmutsalute:
  7. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Just got back from the garage put the plow on the atv. Looks like 4to 8inchs of snow might be on the way. This will be the first time that I plowed this year. Hopefully the last.:smiley17e:
  8. Hudson River
    Just got back from putting the plow on the atv. 4to 8 in of snow coming this will be the first time that I will have to plow snow this year. This makes me happy.:smiley17e:
  9. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Iam tired of it. let spring be here already.:eek: this snow is crazy I want to fish damnit
  10. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    i cant remember ever getting snow in may . o well i guess . iam heading out in the am after some turkey's. '' if it aint snowing lol'':smiliedoh:
  11. California Aqueduct
    Well since it has been a long time for fishing, I had a feeling to go up and try to land a striper in the aqueduct and so went up and casting out about a few times and nothing so I moved into a bend and landed this half breed of Striper and Hybrid. I think it is a deformity at birth. Well it was...
  12. Hudson River
    What the heck is up with this weather we got more snow tonight .yesterday we got 4 inches :mad:
  13. Hudson River
    I shouldnt of touched my fishing stuff urrrrr ...i just watched the weather they said we might get a dusting tonight .....i wish the warm weather would get here :thumbs2:
  14. Hunting / Game
    We got together for our annual snowshoe hare hunt in the northern NH town of Berlin yesterday. The hunt started at Plenty of parking. I counted 13 trucks. We shot two hare, missed a few hare and had total sightings of about 15 white bunnies. Having so many guys spread out in the national...
  15. Hudson River
    What affect will this late cold spell have on the spawn? I know they won't spawn until it is nearly 50 degrees, but, will it shorten the run or just delay it's start? I hope this makes sense....
  16. Hudson River
    2-5 Inches Wed -thursday Urr Figures I Went Down To My Fishing Spots There Wer Comarons All Over The Place I Couldnt See What They Wer Getting When They Wer Diving But It Got My Hopes Up And Then I Herd The Forecast Urrrrr More Freaking White Stuff O Well I Will Wait
  17. Hudson River
    Today marks opening day of striper season in the Hudson. Catskills is expecting 2 feet of snow. Kingston 10 inches. There are accidents all over I - 87 and 287. Dont drive if you dont have to. The Hudson Valley and NE Pa. are expecting 10". :trout:
  18. Massachusetts
    You go out one more time so you can make some fresh seafood chowda Jumped on my friend mike's boat for one more trip but this time in the snow... I think this may be it lol..... Made this pictures as a joke for him From water to pan to dish all in one day.. doesn't get better than that
  19. Massachusetts
    The dealer called me to let me know the boat was ready and wanted to know if I could pick it up so they could make room with the threat of snow coming, I know I should of shrinked wrapped it. In an hour so I'm going to put some tarps over it but it won't do any good with the winds they are...
1-19 of 22 Results