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  1. New York
    yesterday i caught some Snappers and saw some kind of grey/white strip parasite with two very black distinctive eyes... I did some research and found out the parasite is called Cymothoa exigua. I read that is it safe to eat the fish just remove the parasite. It also says the parasite is not...
  2. Massachusetts
    all over. My son had a ball with 'em. I din't do anything with the outgoing yesterday. There are big blues around. cigar.gif
  3. The Striper Forum
    anyone use live snappers for bait----i hear they work for fluke----im not sure if they will be around for the fall run, but i was wondering would they be a good bait for the '"GOD" of all fish---the magnificent striper :notworthy: i feel funny asking this question---- because(1) i should know...
  4. The Striper Forum
    Having a great time fishing these days but it dawned on me yesterday that in almost 2 weeks I have not seen anymore schoolies or stripers of any kind since my last big catch. Plucking quite a few blues each trip to the pier and a fat porgy yesterday but nada else. Wonder if the blues are keeping...
  5. Massachusetts
    If your after action, it shouldn't take you or the kids long to score some fish. Last few trips surfcasting I have seen the area loaded with snapper blues destroying all of the shiners. A small kastmaster or snapper popper should get you your limit. Blues have made casting fun as we end the...
1-5 of 5 Results