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    Cleaning out the shop . I have a bunch of jigging slabs I haven't put hooks on . If you are interested in them The price is cheap I want them gone .50 each. Take a look May be other styles . The shop looks like a nuclear disaster no telling what I'll find .
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    Hi I am new to this board but I have posted on others and I have jigging spoons or slabs for sale in various sizes and colors. I make my spoons with only quality components such as eagle claw hooks, vinyl paints for base and clear coats. I also airbrush my spoons and I feel that they are as nice...
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    Looking to buy 50+ slabs of various sizes ranging from 1/2 oz to 2oz. Does anyone poor their own? Would love to get a hold of some, I will pay good money and take care of all shipping. Let me know. Thanks fellas
1-3 of 3 Results