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  1. Hudson River
    Fished with my #1 striper buddies today, nothing major but at least we all have fish for the season now. We are all SKUNK FREE for 2008 now. :cheers: Had a few more runs/pick ups but nothing else landed. Water was 50-52 degrees, little stained. Now i have to work on my pic taken abilities...
  2. Cape Cod Canal
    I have been skunked for the last 3 days. Everyone I have talked to says the same thing. Did the MV Derby chase all the fish away? All my spots have turned up empty. 3 days ago they were stealing my lures and snapping my lines, and now nothing. BangHead.gif
  3. Massachusetts
    I cant remember the last time that i striper fished when it was this cold! Jonny and I headed up river and worked our way over some great structure,water temp has risen to a balmy 57 degrees (the air was about 40) I fished a white 1 1/2 oz upperman style jig(home poured) with a yellow...
1-3 of 3 Results