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  1. Hudson River
    OK guys...these are the fishing shows: February 2-4 Providence boat show. March 1-4 Suffern New York. March 8-10 Providence Fishing show. March 16-18 Somerset New Jersey. April 6-8 Hartford
  2. Hudson River
    I went to the fishing show in Connecticut this weekend and it was awesome. The seminar series was quite informative and I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Greg Myerson who has held the last several world records for Striper.....currently at 82 lbs. There is another show in Rhode...
  3. Blogs
    New blog article: Winter Shows
  4. The Striper Forum
    When and where are NY fishing showsconventions held? The ones that cater to salt-water fishing. Are there any out on Long Island? Thanks.
  5. Striper Guides & Charters
    I will be at the Suffern Show on Saturday March 7th in the Pure Fishing Booth with PENN, please stop by and say Hello...I will also be at the Somerset Show on Saturday the 21st at the Pure Fishing and the Aquaskinz booth... I will offer Discounted trips for 2009 so please inquire and I look...
  6. Hudson River
    Ok boys time is flying by ... when do all the expo's start ? I will definatly be at the Rockland County one thumbsup.gif :smiliegrd:
  7. Striped Bass Fishery Conservation/Politics/News
    2008 Young-of-Year Striped Bass Survey Shows Below Average Reproduction The Maryland Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Service recently finalized the 2008 striped bass (rockfish) juvenile index, a measure of striped bass spawning success in Chesapeake Bay. The 2008 index is 3.2, below...
  8. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    Getting bored already..... When do the fishing shows, expos, flea markets start? Some are in Feb I believe....Which ones are normally good to go to?? Im in Staten Island.... the NY NJ area would be my turf. I only went to Somerset last year, I think there is one in Rockland? that suppose to...
  9. The Striper Forum
    The Rivers End show in Saybrook and the Asbury park plug show on Sunday. I need some surfsters. Anybody want to meet up?
  10. Rhode Island Fishing
    The Worcester Show kicks off this weekend, I'll be going on both Saturday and Sunday with a fist full of Fliers promoting the site and The Summit. It would be a great time for us to get a gathering together as well as to check out all the new stuff hitting the shelves this year. The Worcester...
  11. Seminars / Expos / Tourneys
    With the boredom of winter I decided to put together a listing of boat shows for the mid-atlantic states. If there is interest in this kind of thing I'll work on other states as well. Let me know! Sam
  12. Massachusetts
    Any of you guys taking in the shows next weekend and the Stadium ? And than the big RISAA show ?
  13. The Striper Forum
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ANNAPOLIS ? Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Secretary C. Ronald Franks announced today that the 2005 striped bass (rockfish) juvenile index, a measure of striped bass spawning success in Chesapeake...
  14. Massachusetts
    We're going to be heading up to the show next weekend and then the RISAA show in RI April 1st. Hopefully this weather pattern will change soon and we can start to warm up these waters a bit. I know we have to fill the tackle boxes and start fresh from our occasional shore tackle we used. For...
1-14 of 15 Results