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  1. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    Gonna be out on Jersey. Looking to get set up for jigging. Not sure what size and type to get. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  2. Rhode Island Fishing
    Started with schools of menhaden with 15/20lbs under them, got 3 fish, then later after dark, schools of herring for hours, me and my partner picked up another 6 fish up to 34 ins, all these fish came on plugs mostly needles. Later on the Bass developed lock jaw just bumps because of the...
  3. New Jersey
    I have moved to the Jersey Shore about 3 months ago i am looking for jetties to fish off of I have been going to barnegat light fishing that jettie but i am looking for something new any ideas?????
  4. Massachusetts
    Hi all - I don't know if it matches year to year, but when does it look like the striper season will be over this year on the north shore? Do I need to be headed down to the cape area or further south if I want to catch anything? Any thoughts are appreciated - just need to prioritize based on...
  5. New Member Introductions
    How's it goin' fellas - glad to be a part of the board. Grew up fishing for trout in streams / state parks (bait/lures...unfortunately never got into fly fishing). May of this year I finally get out with a friend to PI try fishing from the surf, and with beginner's/dumb luck I pull in a keeper...
  6. Massachusetts
    I am curious if anyone has some insight on how Irene has effect fishing in the area.
  7. California - Lakes, Rivers, Bay and Delta
    I have never been there, but was wondering if anyone has been there recently shore fishing? Are there any really nice spots that are pretty close to where ever we park? We will have the 6 kids again and want to make one last run at getting them some fish :) Lake Elsinore was a bust when we went...
  8. Maine
    Just picked up a new boat in hopes of chasing these bad boys into deeper water! I'm assuming that's where they have all gone to avoid the warmer waters? I just don't know how far out I should go before wetting a line.:frustrated: Any ideas? I'll either be going from Bath or Pine Point.
  9. Massachusetts
    Hey guys, about 5 years back we stumbled upon this forum and can attribute much of our initial success surfcasting from the information and tips we picked up here. My wife and I primarily fish Plum Island are completely hooked on these fish. After a few years of considering it, we finally put in...
  10. New York
    I see there was a lack of reports on Moriches here on Stripers 24/7 ok so I'll start a new Thread for ANYONE who fishes the South Shore NY Bright to Montauk. How does that sound :icon_thumright: Here's Sunday June 5 2011 Catch YouTube - ‪DYLAN and DANIEL GET THERE STRIPES OH YEAH!!‬‏
  11. Hudson River
    Are baitcasters worth the $ I was thinking of getting a baitcaster because of the drag switch to easily set the hook. I have a Penn reel that is brand new and just want to know if a drag feature on a fishing reel is worth the money.
  12. Kayaking Stripers
    Hey all-I've been striper fishing from my kayak for three seasons now number four coming up. Head out a lot in Duxbury Bay, Scituate area South shore in general, was wondering if any of you are in that area. I guess just looking for someone to paddle with, been solo my whole career. Anyway...
  13. Delaware River
    I've fished South Jersey for largemouths for 45 years but somehow either ignored or didn't believe the Delaware River striper fishery. I am determined to do something about that and have been researching things to death. Probably now on research overload! I'd like to just pose some questions and...
  14. Hudson River
    Hey there, My first post to the forums. The season is rapidly approaching and I am a west coast transplant. We have plenty of steelhead and salmon in Oregon, but no stripers. I don't have a boat yet, hell I don't even know anyone who likes to fish yet. Anyway, was hoping to get a bit of advice...
  15. The Striper Forum
    Hello to all. I am new to striper fishing and new to the forum as well. I was wondering if their are any experienced stripper fisherman that want to share some knowledge and experience with me. I want to learn how to fish for strippers on the South Shore of Long Island. My boat is in the...
  16. Sweetwater Fishing -Freshwater Stripers
    I notice there are more boaters in this forum than there are off-shore anglers. For all you off-shore anglers, this is the thread to discuss all your angling techniques. From my experience, most boaters cannot give solid tips on how to fish off the bank. If you have any questions regarding...
  17. Saltwater Striper Clubs
    Hey guys ..R any of u guys and gals getting any stripers on the AC...I have been plugging on the beaches from New Jersey ave to Jackson ave with a few hits and a couple of hookups "but got off...I have been useing bomber A's and red finns " Hopkin"s..I think 2morrow I'm going to use live...
  18. Massachusetts
    Has anyone done well this year surfcasting from the South Shore, MA?
  19. Surfcasting Central
    Has anyone been doing any serious surfcasting on the South Shore this year?
  20. New York
    Fished early AM in the PJ area; noticed a lot of birds diving but far out in the bay. Casted some left-over porgy heads on a dead stick and gulp sand worms on my main rod. At about the third cast, ZZZZRRRRRMMM, Fish on. I thought I have a 10lb blue fish as this was taking line. Then it occured...
41-60 of 208 Results