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  1. The Striper Forum
    The goal of my new shop is to provide affordable and reliable fishing gear that anyone can afford. The shop features bucktails, flies and rigs at great prices. Bucktails are only $3.99!!!!! tell me what you think
  2. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    My 1995 Key West CC has been used over it's life, and got beat up during Hurricane Irene. It has some dings, chunks missing, gelcoat issues and the bow took a good hit and has some cracking. Structurally the hull is sound, and my motor is good so I'd like to get it cleaned up. I'm not looking...
  3. New Hampshire
    Guys- Need your help. I live in Belmont (NH) and fish out of Rye Harbor. This year I'm trying to learn tube and worm technique, but I've encountered a problem. The only place I can find sand worms in the Portsmouth area is Suds and Soda in Greenland... good shop, but they don't open until...
  4. Hudson River
    Used to pick up blood and sand worms on Market Street near New Hamburg..he's gone! Anyone have any idea where to find some near Beacon or New Hamburg? Chunking just isn't doing it for me..HELP!
  5. New Jersey
    Would like to head down to the back bays near Corsons and Strathmere to find some flukes and maybe some striper or weakfish this Saturday. Anybody have any success in these areas? Would it be best to hit the intercoastal or stay closer to the inlet? Have only crabbed in the area or fished...
  6. Hudson River
    Hey All, Can anyone tell me what happened to Fisherman's World in Wappingers Falls? I drove by to go see Lou over the weekend and find out what he was going to be charging for bloodworms and bunker and the shop was empty, sheetrocked, taped, and a For Rent sign in the window? Are we relegated...
  7. Hunting / Game
    Hey guys im in central jersey, looking for a good gun shop in jersey or pa (im up toward cabelas all the time so that area) I would also buy used guns (I have fire arms id and can bring the transfer papers) interested in: ruger 10-22's, id really consider any 22's tho 20 gauge- pump or auto...
  8. Massachusetts
    Anybody know if a good place to buy bait in Newburryport?
  9. Rhode Island Fishing
    Hey All, Pretty new to this site but glad I found it. I live up in Boston and will be in Newport for the 4th weekend. Any advice on a decent bait shop in the Newport area? Also any recommendations on places to try my luck and areas to stay away from (crowds, swimmers, etc)? Looking to fish from...
  10. Bait & Tackle Shops
    I wanted to just inform fisherman that All American Bait Shop is open. This bait shop is located on Smith Creek in Sewaren nj. They sell gas as well as bait. Very convenient and friendly. You can get there by car or boat. 485 cliff rd. Sewaren, NJ 732-636-4444...
  11. Hudson River
    I need a new zipper sown on my bimini does anyone know of any upholstery shop in orange county
  12. Buy - Sell - Trade
    For sale is this dean custom shop elctric guitar in white. It is barely used, has 3 small dings,the biggest being the size of a q tip. No point loss anywhere, guitar plays nice and clean, no natural distortion. Pikcups work excellent. This guitar could pass as new. Comes with extension snake...
  13. Hudson River
    Hey Folks, A little off-topic, but I thought that someone here might be able to give some advice. I was recently layed-off and need to sell a rifle. Anyone know of a gun shop in the area that tends to give decent prices? It's a limited edition Model 70 and I'm hoping to get an ok price with...
  14. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Does anyone have any suggestions on possible Evinrude/OMC repair shops within 30min of Albany? I really need to get a starter problem fixed and ready to go ASAP! It's just a little 30hp... My boat has been at Albany Marine Services for over three weeks and remains untouched... It's KILLING...
  15. Bait & Tackle Shops
    anyone hear of a tackle shop in Nyack NY called Gabelson's or something like that? anyone know where it is? have an address or phone# I will be fishing by piermont and am looking for a bait and tackle shop nearby..............any other suggestions?
  16. New Jersey
    Link SALTWATER Capt. Chris Gatley of the Ardent Angler Guide Service, Milford, N.J. (267-253-5290): says the Delaware River is still cold, but smallmouth bass fishing is pretty good on sunny days …fish are taking suspending jerkbaitsÂ…walleye fishing on southern stretched of the river...
  17. Bait & Tackle Shops
  18. Saltwater Tackle Shop
    Plugs - gear - discounts for members or donations 3 months at a time. Get it while available. Price most likely will be based on page views in the future. Applies to all forums. Ads have been gratis.
  19. Surfcasting Central
    Passing it On The following is an email sent to you by Montauk Pete of Dear Surfrats, I have sent this mass email out to about 1300 people tonight on the robbery that occurred at Saltwaters Tackle in Long Island. Below are the serial numbers of the Van Staals stolen. Keep an eye...
  20. Massachusetts
    has anybody else been?... went there Sunday, well done good place for the whole family...
1-20 of 35 Results