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  1. North Carolina - Interior
    I went out today to lookout shoals(between Lake Norman and Lake Hickory), its a dangerous place to fish. If anyone has fished this lake can they give me some pointers on this lake. I just gotta boat in March and somewhat figured out Lake Hickory, but this lake is somewhat different. Any...
  2. Massachusetts
    Anyone here going to be out fishing Plum Island or NH coast this weekend? I'll Probably get out early on Sunday.
  3. Arkansas
    A long time ago (late 80's) my dad and I caught a couple hybrids there. They were about 25 - 30lbs. When we got them in, they were bloated and unable to dive under the water so we had to keep them. I haven't tried for them since but am ready to give it another shot. Does anyone fish for them...
  4. The Striper Forum
    Went out with my buddy for a day fishing trip from Heights Beach to Cotuit and chased hugh blue fish pods. Early morning calm off of heights the water was a blitz for 40 yards with blues. Wiped out some tackle , lost one maria plug that I was saving for Bonita oh well. Later in the afternoon we...
  5. Arkansas
    By Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Nov 28, 2004 Bull Shoals Lake: Wilderness Trail said the week started out with a little touch of spring, the temperatures were in the low 70s, but by mid-week, fall returned bringing with it a cold rain and temperatures in the 50s. The lake level this week...
1-5 of 5 Results