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  1. Hudson River
    DEC Delivers Press Release - Information to keep you connected and informed from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Share or view as a web page || Update preferences or unsubscribe DEC Announces Start of 2021 Striped Bass Season Hudson River Season Opens April 1; Marine Waters...
  2. Hudson River
    Hello All, I am looking to dock my boat for the striper season this year and looking for which marinas are open for striper season docking on or near the Roundout Creek/Kingston. Thanks.
  3. Hudson River
    DEC Proposes Circle Hook Requirement for 2021 Recreational Striped Bass Fishing Season Comments Accepted until Mar. 8, on Proposed Regulation for Circle Hooks to Help Improve Striped Bass Survival The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) today released a new proposed...
  4. Hudson River
    Well, I did get a bass a week ago. But this is what it has been like lately.
  5. Hudson River
    So as I have been patiently waiting to get out and go fishing i've been reading all types of articles on stripers, and what I found was a lil depressing. Not gonna make this post long and drawn but it looks like the numbers are down and the powers that be are looking to further the regulations...
  6. Hudson River Please note the opening dates for fishing......April 1 N of the GW bridge.
  7. Hudson River
    My brother and I launched out of Albany at 5 am. We got our striper around Troy. I caught the first of the season, but my brother's was a little bigger.
  8. View From The Beach
    I wish everyone a happy Holiday Season and a healthy and prosperous New Year. :icon_smile:
  9. Hudson River
    Last week here I am trying to catch herring for bait and this older lady starts fishing next to me on dock near Albany. She had only about a 5' pole. She goes in her cooler and her sandwich container full of pink cooked shrimp. Hooks one up and shes got a big catfish within 10 minutes. I'm doing...
  10. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Well for me the 2017 striper season has come to a close. It certainly was a run filled with ever changing conditions and some of the strongest winds I have ever fished in. I ended the season with a total of 39 fish caught but was unable to hit the 40 inch mark. Most of the fish caught were in...
  11. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Beautiful morning. Got bait immediately and anchored in 35fow. End of ebb was perfect. Nailed 4 up to 26". Landed two more at the beginning of incoming. Water at 65. All on chunk only. Total was 24 fish Biggest was 33". Tough year but still fun to be on the water catching fish, have a...
  12. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Stripers and herring this year are virtually non-existent. Scapping for six hours and only getting three herring is getting OLD quick. You would think that if you were able to actually get bait that it would be crushed soon after hitting the water but that isn't the case at all. The group of...
  13. Maine
    Sorry for the late notification on this, but just found out now. See you there.
  14. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Ice fishing is wrapping up, the 2017 striper season should only be about a month and a half away!!! Taking the cover off of the boat in a few weeks if the weather cooperates! :icon_razz:
  15. Hudson River
    Its hard to believe that run is already coming to a end. It has been a great season for many people this year. Many personal best were caught this season. It makes me believe that the new regulations are indeed working and hope to continue to see larger fish caught in the following seasons. I...
  16. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    Fished Thursday evening 5/19 with my 10 year old daughter and, while herring were easy, not a sniff on either live or chunk in Coeymans area. Back at it again 5-8:30 Friday evening 5/20 and then again Saturday 5/21 from 6:30 am to noon for the same results from Schodack to New Baltimore...
  17. Hudson River
    With this very mild winter I'm thinking the run might be earlier than previous years, I remember a very early run in Albany a few years ago. My boss asked when I was putting in for my days off for stripers and I'm at a loss, I usually do Tuesday/Thursday's off for last week in April and first...
  18. Delaware River
    I was surprised to not see any posts, or even any subjects on it- Where is everyone at?
  19. Chesapeake Bay
    Fished the Tangier sound and main channel edges of the bay yesterday. Marked a lot of fish but no takers. Most were at 30-40 ft. There were just a couple boats in the Tangier sound hence the move across the bay. Plenty of commercial and private boats there, but did not see any action. We also...
  20. Maine
    Hope this season is as good as last... St.Croix all the Way:wav:
1-20 of 231 Results