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  1. The Striper Forum
    Hey there, I'm new to the site and am hoping to draw on someone's experience with the scituate glades. I understand this is a public forum so exact info might not be thrown at me but, any suggestions to help me be more successful would be greatly appreciated. I've only fished the ocean side so...
  2. Massachusetts
    Has anyone had any luck lately around the Scituate area from shore for bass? I've been fishing a spot in Scituate for years and this year the spot has produced little to nothing. It's funny how you assume because a spot has produced in the past that it will continue to produce.
  3. Massachusetts
    I will be heading to the Scituate area this weekend for work. I was hoping to slip out to get a line wet. Any good hole in the area? Are the stripers there yet. Nothing but schoolies left in NJ.
  4. Massachusetts
    This weekend... here are the details.
  5. Massachusetts
    Hey everyone!! great site..i just read through the extensive information about all the different types of lures for striper fishing (good job).. i fish off the rocks in scituate mass, and i am wondering for the month of june what do people think is the best approach to catching good-sized...
  6. Massachusetts
    anyone fish these waters at all? i live in hingham and jsut went from a cruiser to a center console...hows teh fishin here?
  7. Kayaking Stripers
    I will be in Scituate, Mass for a short visit this summer. Any recommendations for kayak fishing locations. I will be looking for stripers and blues. I like fishing structure and lights at night, don't mind some current but would like to avoid anything too dangerous. Just looking for...
1-7 of 7 Results