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  1. Hudson River
    Looks like some schoolies have made it up to the Catskill area check out the RB website for the pic and the story.
  2. Hudson River
    Drifting in my boat by the hudson lighthouse hudson side. Stripers surfacing either side of my boat, atleast every 2 minutes. Drifted with chunk on one pole and bloodworms on the other. Drifted with both weight and no weight, no luck. Pulled out a bucktail with a pork rind on the hook, tried a...
  3. New Jersey
    Was going to RB until I heard of the 15 mph winds and 3-5 seas. Went to Hackensack river. Snatched up some schoolies. Mark bait like crazy but nothing big. Water was 48deg. All in all light tackle and great to be out.
  4. Upper Hudson River Striper Club
    I'm not going to say where, let's just say south of Ravena and north of Newburg, schoolie size stripers are being caught on bloodworms. The guys fishing them had caught eight as of an hour or so ago.
  5. Rods And Custom Rod Building
    Hello everyone, I hope someone can help me out. I am searching for a spinning rod for both schoolies and salmon. I was thinking something about 8' with fast action but wanted some input from folks with more experience. Anyone help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Maine
    Went out last night around 5:30 p.m. for the last half hour of incoming and a few hours of the outgoing tide. I had a suspicion it was gonna be an active night when I saw the amount of birds swooping and diving after baitfish on the beach side of the jetty. I was with my buddy, his gf, one of...
  7. Connecticut
    First fishing post here. Headed out early Thursday morning with a buddy of mine. It was crowded a few guys there already and we couldn't get into the "good" position. The guy in the "good" spot was hitting them on almost every cast. Nothing big though. I had a few smalls, with a nice fat 27"...
  8. New Jersey
    small fish are around but not seen bigger fish caught
  9. Hudson River
    Me And My Father Watched A Ton Of Schoolies Chasing Herring Down The Shore Line.. This Week End Is Going To Be Great So Get Out There And Fish
  10. Massachusetts
    Got to the boat a little after 5 PM, wind was S/E @ around 10 Knots, water temp was 52, high tide was at 5:40 in Newbury port.... I motored up river to one of my spring spots,third cast ended a long winter... fresh run schoolies are back in the Merrimack river... these little guys averaged...
  11. Hudson River
    Caught about a dozen schoolies up to 5 pounds near Kingston yesterday on blood worms. Herring are here, I think It's about to break open any day now. Was able to get one live herring, he got eaten, fish ripped line from bait runner, came unhooked. The poor little guy was still on the hook...
  12. Hudson River
    why havent i seen them here in cornwall?...did they grow wings and fly over cornwall??, lol......but yea, since schoolies are here, when will the cows come in, or are some in but jus chillin in the deep waters not moving
  13. Massachusetts
    kenny is loaded thumbsup.gif mostly rats, but bring your flyrod happy3.gif
  14. Connecticut
    Anyone know when fishing the CT rivers (housy, thames) starts getting good? I've heard there is very good early season schoolie fishing there from the winter holdovers once they start "waking up". Whats good? The mouths? Does this happen in any MA or RI rivers prior to the migration?
  15. Massachusetts
    We fished for about 1hr, and caught tons of schoolies. No keepers just yet though. I attached a picture of our time out:
  16. Massachusetts
    I thought by now the schoolies would have retreated to cooler water, however, I just got back from a local river and caught 5, ranging from 6" to about 14" Is it correct that the schoolies eventually move offshore into cooler water? Maybe the water here is still cold enough.
  17. The Striper Forum
    So back in Manhattan for a few days now and was itching to go fishing this morning. I found that pier 40 is not only a better spot than pier 45, but there are much fewer people which makes it nice and quiet. I double rigged a bass/blue hook and a #4 porgy hook on the same fish finder rig. Though...
  18. Massachusetts
    Grabbed my first blue this AM along with 5 schoolie bass casting soft plasitcs in Joshua Cove. Only fished for about 45 minutes, but the bass were all over a 4" curly tail Tsunami, and hit but not a quick a 4" paddle tail Tsunami. After landing the bass (all between 15-20), I was working on my...
  19. Massachusetts
    Fished Plum (river, sandbar to jetty) today. Caught 3 15-20" schoolies in about 2 hours, 2 on soft plastic shad bodies and one on a blue/white Atom popper (1.5 oz) Saw lots of schoolies taken, mostly on soft plastic shad imitations. If you haven't been out fishing yet, your missing all the...
  20. Massachusetts
    Schoolies are down off PI already! 22" is about the avg right now. Fake baits that look like herring are working good, and herring chucks.
1-20 of 21 Results